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Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.

SSgt Baloo

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I looked and looked for a comprehensive Golden Age thread to post these in and couldn't find a dedicated GA thread. Feel free to post links to amy Golden Age information you can find, even if it's links to threads that are already here.


Thanks, and here's something to start with:


Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe (My fave is the fourth one down).


G.I. Jane (possibly NSFW).


WW II Navy Cartoons


How WW II Created Dr. Seuss


Here's an interesting article about gender roles during the '30s and '40s, but it makes sense when you view/listen to the source material (I've been an Andy Hardy fan since 1977, so I know what they're referring to in the examples referring to just him).


A link to a History of Jim Crow. Apartheid didn't start with South Africa.


Links to articles re: Women's Roles in WW II


Video: Supervising Women Workers (1944)


Videos: Results of search for WWII videos.


Link to thread: Golden Age Resources: Superweapons of WW II


Link to thread: Depression-era and WW-II settings from a Not-American perspective

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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


Internet Archive - Universal Newsreels



Old Newspaper Ads



Vintage Magic Posters



National Archives & Records Administration



Penny Arcade & Coin-Op Location Pictures



Balloon and Airship Stereoscopic Photographs



The Authentic History Center



Museum of Retro Technology



Open Video Project



Third Reich in Ruins



World War II Poster Collection



Guide To Marvel's Golden Age Characters



Cash Gorman's Golden-Age Encyclopedia



Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory



Classic Comic Books



The Cosmology Compendium



The Golden Age Batman Chronology


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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


I posted this elsewhere but for anyone who likes golden age mad science with a historical bent


I just finished a book that might be of interest. Its called "My Tank is Fight!" by Zack Parsons.


It is about some of the crazier real world super weapons projects of World War Two. Each weapon is described and analysed then given a fictional battle report. If you like real world WW2 era tech or crazy stuff like War Wheels you have got to give it a look.


The sections are:

1.) Land


the Maus

LandKreuzer P Ratte

German trans channel supergun

Wire guided antitank weapons

Vampir nightvision scopes

LandKreuzerPP Monster




Weser WP -like a Nazi Osprey

The Christie Flying Tank

The Heliofly single soldier helicopter back pack

German A10 super rocket and Von Braun's space station

Horten HO flying wing fighter

German A-Bomb

Axis parasite kamikaze fighter

Silverbird orbitol bomber


3.) Sea


Axis hovercraft raider

Submarine li cruiser ala the Surcouf

HMS Habbakuk-with a nice illustration

Seeteufel a submarine tank

Sub launched V2



The tone is light and very funny in the analysis but the what if sections read like short novellas. I just can't reccomend it enough for it's GM inspiring goodness.








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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


Wikipedia (and other) relevant links inserted to facilitate further research. Red text is added by me.


1.) Land


the Maus Wikipedia article.

LandKreuzer P Ratte Wikipedia article.

German trans channel supergun I'm assuming it was the V-3 you were talking about. Here's a link to it.

Wire guided antitank weapons Links to the Ruhrstahl wire-guided missile, the basis for an experimental anti-tank weapon.

Vampir nightvision scopes This link is to a article on nightvision scopes in general. German efforts are mentioned in Gen. 0 section.

LandKreuzerPP Monster non-Wiki site that gives more info than Wikipedia does.




Weser WP -like a Nazi Osprey Luft-46 entry for same.

The Christie Flying Tank Note: it actually flew! Once.

The Heliofly single soldier helicopter back pack I looked and looked and this was the best site I could find that described it.

German A10 super rocket and Von Braun's space station Links to Encyclopedia Astronautica's articles on both subjects.

Horten HO flying wing fighter Links to the Horten page at Luft 46, plus a link to the Horten Nurflügels page.

German A-Bomb Links to a physicsworld.com article about Hitler's atomic bomb project.

Axis parasite kamikaze fighter Links to Daimler-Benz project "C" at the Luft46 website. Contains links to Daimler-Benz human-guided-bomb project "E" and project "F".

Silverbird orbitol bomber Links to the Sänger Amerika Bomber entry at Luft 46


3.) Sea


Axis hovercraft raider Actually, it was a series of hydrofoils.

Submarine li cruiser ala the Surcouf Links to the Wikipedia article.

HMS Habbakuk Link to Wikipedia article.

Seeteufel a submarine tank Link to Wikipedia article. CHeck out some of the external links for drawings and photos.

Sub launched V2 You may have to search the external links or google some more to find anything substantial.



More info. re: the M4 -- M4 Sherman tank (thing)


Articles and Wikipedia entries (for those who may be interested):

German Tanks



Soviet tanks



American Tanks



British tanks

, Article:


Japanese tanks



Italian tanks

, Article:
(tanks will be found in this page).

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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


Possible prototype for the batplane? Bugatti Model 100 racing plane.


Experimental Nazi Rocket Plane


Horten Nurflugels (Wing only) website



B-35 in Naval Colors



Junkers Ju 287 V1



Luftwaffe Secret Projects



German Sub-Orbital Bomber



"They say they're from the future."



"This guy says he's from the future, too."



The above may have actually existed

Link to another "flying platform".






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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


A link to a site dedicated to "Art Deco", suitable for Golden age or Pulp campaigns.


The Lippisch Aerodyne:


(Possibly not "period", but don't it look cool?)


Purported USAF flying saucers. My own theory is that they were not aerodynamically controlled, but that on-board turbine/electric generators produced power for the antigravity drives. The vertical fins and apparent control surfaces are there purely to decieve onlookers as to the true propulsion source, just in case a spy were to see one. Of course, since these are a little late for the Golden Age, you might imagine that Germany had a few of these in development sometime during the war.



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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


I recommend the following book:

The Homefront
: America during World War II, by Mark Jonathan Harris, Franklin D. Mitchell, Steven J. Schechter.

It's a good oral history similar to, but slimmer than The Good War by Studs Terkel. It contains lots of good info for a Home Front campaign, all rendered in first-person accounts by people who were there at the time.

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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


Not sure if any of the linked threads mention, but the GURPS WWII product line, especially Wierd War II, are gems of inspiration.


And let's not forget the Hero 4e Golden Age Champions book, if you can find it....

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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


I've got the 4e Golden Age Champions book.Great resource' date='but it wasn't properly edited,especially the character sheets.[/quote']


Oh, most definitely. Quite the pity, too - there were some fascinating characters in that book.

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Re: Golden Age resources: whatever you can think of.


A Weird War Two miniature showcase w links to the manufacturers



More conventional WW2 lines




Pulp lines- 3 pages worth



WW1 figure lines


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More recommended reading


I checked out the following title from the library and found it to be a different, but interesting take on the Golden Age: Truth: Red White & Black. It's about the US Government trying to recreate the Super Soldier treatment after Professor Rheinstein's death. It's grim, but still a good look at race relations during WW II.

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