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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


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(I tried searching and didn't see anything that matched. Apologies if this has already been scooped.)


Most of us are familiar with HeroMachine (if you're not, give it a look, it's pretty nifty). In the last day or so, I learned about a similar online toy that generates art in the style of the DC animated shows.


EDIT: I've been asked to put in the new link that actually works. Here you go: http://fabricadeherois.blogspot.com/


Here's a sample, one of my long-running PCs, Troubadour:






(EDIT: I did put the final product through Photoshop, but only to insert his proper chest insignia. Everything else is from the program.)

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Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


Not only does this look like a pretty nifty art generator, but looking at some of the character names in the galleries can give ideas for Champions names.


Magnun, Demolidor...good names.


Although I have to wonder about the Portuguese name for Plastic Man. I speak zero Portuguese, but I can recognize a cognate when I see one. Wouldn't "Homem Borracha" mean something like "Drunk Man"?

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Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


I see 7

going left to right

orange instructions

yellow gallery

green brings up the controls for adding stuff and coloring

teal character sheet

blue removes all background for a screen shot

purple resets to base figure

red closes program

none of these changes the body type


There are 3 icons in the upper right hand corner.
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Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


Got the Heromatic website to come through semi-readable through http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr finally.


Some of the translated hero names are amusing. Dr. Destination = Dr. Fate, Golden Gladiator = Booster Gold, Man Rubber = Plastic Man, Man of Iron, Man Spider, Demolisher = Daredevil, Giant = Giant Man, Mercury = Quicksilver, Hulk Woman

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Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


It does look extremely impressive. It also looks like Copyright infrigement threatening letter incoming. It's too bad.

You can almost feel the lightning about to strike!


In the meantime, I'm copying the galleries. Interesting that J'onn came out teal instead of green.


Also interesting that Hawkman has been renamed Gavião Negro, which I believe would translate as Black Hawk. Now I'm going to be looking for a connection between the Golden Age Hawkman and the Blackhawks.

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