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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

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Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine






Europol Worldwide Alert.....The super-villain Edwardo Fransisco de Vigo Abel Cabellero aka "Viconde" is wanted for the theft of Tizona from the Museo de Burgos. Tizona was said to be the magical sword wield by El Cid. The sword was said frighten unworthy opponents. The royal family of Spain has offered a hefty reward for the return of Tizona. Also See Files on Conflict (super-villain/mercenary group).

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He's a dangerous and deadly adversary. He has a genius-level intellect and has trained his body to the peak of human physical potential. Even more dangerous is his near-total control of the energies of the electromagnetic spectrum. He is only beginning to make a name for himself as threat to the safety and security of the world. He is....




Doctor Halo!

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The following are members of the Consortium of Death




Doctor Haydes


Doctor Haydes is the leader of the Consortium.






Achlys has romantic interest in Doctor Haydes, but he isn't one to return the favor.




Death Seeker


Death Seeker is one of Doctor Haydes assassins.






Deadeyes is another one of Doctor Haydes assassins. He's a little on the looney side.






Nikola is another one of Doctor Haydes assassins. She is wild and crazy. Achlys is jealous of her beauty seeing her as a rival of Doctor Haydes attention.






Klaus is the brother of Nikola, and like her is one of Doctor Haydes assassins.






Hanz is the brother of Nikola and Klaus. He's Doctor Haydes right hand man and chief mad scientist. Naturally Achlys hates him.






Imps are the henchmen of Doctor Haydes. They all wear mind control helmets that were designed by Hanz.

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