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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

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Hungry Ghosts


The Hungry Ghosts are a band of dissident metahumans in the PRC who oppose the government. The group was founded in secret after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The members consist of from left to right.


August General The August General is the founder of the Hungry Ghosts, a retired general, he stole a high tech suit of armor from the Chinese military before going into hiding.


Supple Willow is able to control plants, and is an accomplished martial artist.


Brother Ox Brother Ox is a giant of a man, super-humanly strong. He was raised in a monastery.


Yellow Star Yellow Star is an activist and most vocal of the Hungry Ghosts. She's a speedster.


Fire Strike Second to Yellow Star in dedication to the cause of the Hungry Ghosts. He's an energy blaster.


Gobi Gobi takes her name from the Gobi desert, her homeland. She can manipulate sand.


Jade Tiger Originally a vigilante who wears a tiger mask he has now come to a greater calling. Jade Tiger is a master martial artist.


Iron Arms Former high ranking member of the Communist Party, and lead engineer on the Three Gorges Dam. However, an accident (actually it was an attempt to kill her by a rival)at the dam cost her arms. She had them replaced by state of the art cybernetic arms. The incident also led her to join the Hungry Ghosts, where she acts as second in command to August General.


Yeren A student at the Beijing Normal University discovered an ancient Tibetan scroll and after reading it was transformed into a yeren, or a creature similar to a yeti. He has since learned a way to return to normal, but now uses his powers to help the Hungry Ghosts.

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Dragons Daughter


Dragons Daughter was inspired by the Stand Against Tigers thread. I wanted to use an actually literation of her code name, but couldn't find any English/Bhutanese translators. She could also be know as Thunders Daughter or Lightning's Daughter.

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