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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


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Asterius Battlerager


Quote: "The Purifier's spirit is never broken."


Oh, great...as if superheroes didn't have enough trouble with the local garden-variety supervillains and their

hordes of faceless minions, now they've got to deal with a gun-toting, dimension-hopping Tauren as well ( :rolleyes: ).



Major Tom 2009 :snicker:

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Here's a supervillainous "special forces" group suitable for VIPER or any of its extradimensional

counterparts -- the Adder Legion:






The leader of the group is Crotalus, who (like all of the Adder Legion) has been genetically altered to

give him increased strength and reflexes, as well as heightened resistance to injury. He also possesses

the ability to poison his victims by slashing them with the claws in his hands -- claws which are connected

to venom glands in his hands.


The second-in-command of the group is Lachesis, who more than makes up for her relatively small size

with a vicious savagery that even makes some of her teammates flinch.


The "wet work" specialists of the Adder Legion are known as Causus Assassins, and are incredibly

difficult to defend against, as they are masters of stealth and the quick strike. Their uniforms allow

them to blend into the darkness and shadows until they are ready to strike.


There are rumors of a "stormtrooper" type of agent, but none have been seen as yet.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:




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Here is the "stormtrooper"-type of agent in use by the Adder Legion -- the Cerastus Assault Agent:






Their legs have been replaced by a powerful cybernetic attachment resembling a snake's body; this enables

a Cerastus Assault Agent to move at speeds of 40 to 60 m.p.h., depending upon ground conditions.


Their standard weapons loadout consists of two selective-fire energy weapons (which they normally use in a

fight with one in each hand) and four fragmentation grenades (which they use to create confusion as well as

casualties before an attack); heavier weapons are carried only if a specific mission calls for them.


Their helmets house a miniaturized yet powerful communications system, the antennas for which are housed

within the horn-like projections on top of the helmets.




Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Here's someone that the victims of Project: Sunburst will have good cause to fear -- the Radiovore:






This fiend's major power is the ability to "feed" upon nuclear energy -- whether generated by a nuclear

power plant or (in the case of the majority of Project: Sunburst's members or victims) metahuman pow-

ers -- and use it for its own ends.




Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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So were you just stuck for ideas, or being lazy?  *grin, duck, run very fast*


Keep up the good work.



Actually, no I'm not being lazy or have ran of ideas. The White is a cosmic entity who grants the Purifiers their Light Bringers.

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Sites like that one make me regret installing NoScript.


Will enabling this script make the page work?  No.  Maybe this one?  Nope, but it made five others appear.  Maybe this one?  No.  This one? ...and so on.


Unless I just want to say "Temporarily allow all this page", which I never like.

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Death Walker


Quote: Death Walker is a mute. Among the Corruptors is a saying that when Death Walker speaks the Universe will come to an end.



Somebody'd better give Duncan MacLeod a call and let him know that there's another psycho out there with a

leather fetish and a yen for razor-sharp toys ( :fear: )...



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Here's a cosmic-level protector for both modern-day Champions and Galactic Champions campaigns --

a Cosmo Knight:






Other than the fact that they appear at times of great peril to the innocent -- natural disasters of the "extinction-

level event" category or planetary invasions -- nothing is really known about these enigmatic and powerful beings.


Appearing as tall, muscular humanoids, Cosmo Knights wear armored suits which are gold in color with blue high-

lights, and a red cape which hangs from the upper rear portion of the armor. Those parts of their bodies which

are uncovered appear to resemble a starfield, save for their faces. A Cosmo Knight's face appears as a black

void, with the only visible feature being eyes which glow with a bright yellow-white light.


While they don't carry weapons, they do have the ability to manifest melee weapons composed of pure energy,

which last only as long as their wielder needs them to (the duration of a fight, for instance).



Major Tom 2009 :dyn

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