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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

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Artificer   Quote: "We all serve the White."

The Fallen

Von Klaw

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I don't speak French (flunked it back in my Junior High days), but does her quote roughly translate into

"Hello, have you ever seen a dancer like the Razor Girl?"




"Then, who is ready to dance with Fil du Rasoir?"

I'm not as certain about the name.  I think it means Wire of the Razor or, more likely, Razorwire.

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Here's a redesigned version of a power-armored villian whose pic used to be up

here on the boards (both here on this thread and on one of the Else Earth

threads), and his new partner in crime -- Doctor Tunguska and Disruptor:






The "good" Doctor's main weapons, as in the original version of the armor, are back-mounted

fusion cannons (for a good idea of what they look like when they're being fired, check out the

YouTube clip of the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 version of the Wave Motion Gun's first

firing, and multiply that by two). The armor also provides the wearer with protection from both

energy- and kinetic-based weaponry, as well as from any potential radiation exposure from

the firings of the fusion cannons. It also has flight capability and a full-spectrum life-support

system, as well as giving the wearer superhuman strength and enhanced sensory abilities.


Disruptor's armor has the same abilities as Tunguska's armor -- except for the fusion cannons --

but is designed with different functions in mind. The armor's only weapons are a pair of palm-

mounted force-blasters, and are intended primarily for self-defense. Disruptor's armor is designed

to allow the wearer to both infiltrate computer systems in preparation for taking control of them,

as well as to disrupt their functions in order to keep their owners from using any of their built-in

weapons and defense systems. She must touch the computer in question in order to perform

either task, however.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:



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Here's something for the Dark Champions crowd -- the Inspector:






A Detective Inspector with many years' worth of experience in the Police Department of a major city

on the U.S.'s West Coast, the Inspector has a well-earned reputation for giving short shrift to violent

perpetrators of all sorts, courtesy of the large-caliber Magnum revolver he carries -- and even short-

er shrift to 'bleeding-heart' liberals who seem to think that the aforementioned perpetrators should

have more rights than their victims. This stance has, needless to say, gotten him in trouble with his

superiors on more than one occasion.


The Inspector has a tendency to attract the worst sort of trouble, and because of that -- and what he

does to resolve said troubles -- he's earned a nickname which is well-known to both criminals and

law-abiding citizens alike.



Major Tom 2009 :bmk:


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I forget which 5th Ed. book that she was mentioned in, but there was a character called Terala Shain

who was listed as one of Malva's many super-gladiators:






She wasn't statted out or anything else, but I thought of her as being able to use wind as her weapon,

so I did her pic with a hint of wind-control power.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:



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Nebula, an energy-being with an unusual power set:






First, it grows to three times its normal height (from 8' to 24'), before switching from its humanoid

form to a gaseous form resembling that of its namesake and engulfing its target; from the target's

point of view, he has suddenly found himself in outer space. That's when Nebula launches its

real attack -- multiple beams of energy which appear to come from the "stars" surrounding the

target. Only the mightiest of beings has any chance of withstanding this attack.



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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An alien teen superheroine, Dwarfstar has the ability to shrink herself down from her normal 5' to a

height of 5" (and maybe even smaller). In both her normal and reduced size, she has the ability to

fly and to survive unprotected in outer space. Her strength level at her normal height is that of a

Earth teenage athlete of the same size who engages in regular exercise (STR 12 or so); however,

at her 5" height her strength is even greater (STR 50).



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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Antares, a Russian cosmonaut turned superhero:






Antares has the power to grow from his normal 6' to a height of 60' in a matter of seconds; his strength

increases as he grows, enabling him to lift up to 200 tons at his maximum height.


He considers himself a patriot; accordingly, his costume was designed to resemble the Russian flag,

with the addition of a large, 8-pointed red star on the chest panel.



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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A television addict buys a new universal remote control and finds out it can produce different special effects by pressing different combinations of numbers. With this new gadget, the couch potato begins his crime-fighting career as






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