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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


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And here are some of the Iron Baron's special agents:






Black Panzer, Blitzsturm, and Schatten*



(* At least, I think that was her name... )



Major Tom 2009 :eg:


Actually it was Shatten, which I think is German for Shatter. Unfortunately, with FH2011 he didn't include the half face mask, I've yet myself to recreate the image. Also too, which in my opinion is worst is that the Hair B section doesn't work anymore. 

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Some years ago on this thread, one of the forum members (Egyptoid, IIRC) asked if anyone had ever

taken the marshmallow shapes from the Lucky Charms breakfast cereal and based characters

upon them. Well, while I haven't actually written any of these up, I have taken the time (which I have a

good bit of right now, due to my I.V. therapy) to make some pics of them. And so, without further ado,

here is the first member of the Charms Gang:






Pink Heart



Pink Heart has what is perhaps one of the most bizarre superpowers of all -- the ability to imbue inanimate

objects with a form of pseudo-life, which she can then control to do her bidding. It is not unusual to see her

commanding virtual hordes of toy robots and other action figures during a fight (individually, such figures

aren't much of a threat, but in large enough numbers they can be a major nuisance).



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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RE: Post  #9460


Back a couple of posts ago, I had attempted to post a FdH2011 version of one of two of SSgt Baloo's

Animated/Timms-style pics, but for whatever reason, the first pic/post didn't take. I am therefore going

to try again; hopefully, the post will take this time (fingers crossed).









Spiderella's pic is back at #9460; that's the other pic of the Sarge's that I did a FdH2011 version of.



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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The third member of the Charms Gang:






Blue Diamond



Blue Diamond was once a champion sumo wrestler in Japan, until the accident which caused him to be

transformed into a being of living, nigh-indestructible diamond-like crystal. Forced to give up the sport

that he'd been part of since his teen years, the now ex-sumotori tried to find a new job which would let

him support himself. It was around that time that he was found and recruited by the mastermind behind

the Charms Gang.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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The fourth member of the Charms Gang:






Crystal Ball



Crystal Ball possesses a considerable level of precognitive ability; when she wears her encephalo-enhancement

helmet, however, she is able to refine her visions, allowing her to provide the most accurate 'forecast' she can to

her teammates. Crystal Ball is the only member of the Charms Gang who doesn't go out into the field with the

team when they go on a mission; the mastermind behind the gang rightly considers her to be too valuable to put

at risk of capture by the authorities.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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The sixth member of the Charms Gang:






Blue Moon



Blue Moon has the power to turn herself invisible, making it next to impossible to find her (not only is she invisible

to normal sight, but also to infrared detection as well); however, she can be detected, provided that the person

attempting to do so can hear her breathing and heartbeat.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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The seventh member of the Charms Gang:









Hourglass has the power to manipulate the flow of time within a certain radius, either accelerating or slowing the

passage of time as he and the team needs depending upon the situation. If it becomes necessary for them to

escape, however, Hourglass has a power reserved just for that purpose -- the Long Second. When Hourglass

uses this power, time within his immediate area stops for 12 seconds, which is as long as Hourglass can safely

do so; this is usually enough time for the team to make their escape. Once they've done so -- and they're clear

of the area -- time resumes its normal flow, with it appearing as though the team had suddenly vanished without

a trace.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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And finally, the mastermind behind the Charms Gang:






The Leprechaun



This diminutive yet diabolical genius is the mastermind responsible for recruiting and creating the Charms Gang;

while his criminal genius is recognized by members of the law-enforcement community,  his choice of costume

has led many to believe that he is nothing more than an eccentric yet brilliant criminal.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


The Leprechaun is, in fact, an actual leprechaun, with all of the powers and abilities attributed to members of that

race as detailed in folklore. This particular leprechaun, however, is not only fascinated by the outside world, he

also wants to add to his hoard of gold -- and has decided to do so through crime. To this end, he tracked down

and recruited the various superhumans that now make up the Charms Gang.


Quote: "Bloody coppers -- always after me Charms."



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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