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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


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Acutally Troika was never sentanced to the Grand Gulag (think Star Trek VI). She was part of a set images for November Knights (Crimson Cosmonaught, Locomotiv, Patroit, and Russian Eagle). However, I planning on adding her to the Accademy. Now, I'm thinking about adding her a Russian based school instead, think Durmstrang. I just need to come up with a descent name for it. My campaign, Russian Dawn, was supposed to be a renaissance for the Russians coming out of the Soviet night, but to be honest that never materialized. So I was thinking of something along the lines of Alpha Flight (being Russian Dawn) and Beta Flight (whatever name I come up with).  

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Silver Shrew


Silver Shrew is the leader of a mercenary band called the Roamers who hunt super-villains.

a completely ORIGINAL idea !

It is a wonder that no comic company has ever published a character like this !

Of course if you spoke to one of the companies say DC, they would have to give her a name lie Bronze Mink.......

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