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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine


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Darkness and Flash powers.  Energy Blast and Teleport.


Constance Trask was a scientist working on the "Darkon" theory when a lab explosion gave her superhuman powers.



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There were nine gangs that descended on Freedom Park that day: the Kingston Posse, the Bad Seed, the Dancing Bears, the Maulers, the Blood Dragon Tong, the Riverside Rangers, the Geelong Exiles, the Hogs of Hell MC, and the Einherjar. What was supposed to be a peaceful meeting among various criminal gangs quickly took a turn to the worse.

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The Immortal


The metahuman terrorist calling himself The Immortal first appeared in the Greek Isles, where he carried out several

hit-and-run attacks, resulting in numerous deaths and millions of dollars worth of property damage. It was only when

he attacked Thermopylae -- the historical site of the 300 Spartans' last stand against the Persian army -- that he met

his match and archfoe.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

Many, many years ago,

When Persia came ashore...

(From the song Sparta, by the Swedish rock group Sabaton)

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The Immortal -- and his minions -- had no sooner started to attack Thermopylae and the tourists gathered there when

there was a sudden, lightning-like flash of light which momentarily blinded everyone there, terrorists and intended vic-

tims alike. When everyone could see again, there -- standing between the terrorists and their would-be victims -- was a

young  woman wearing armor reminiscient of that once worn by ancient Greek warriors, and wielding a sword as well.

Identifying herself as Spartana, the armored woman called upon the terrorists to either surrender or suffer the conse-

uences. The Immortal's minions -- all twelve of them -- only laughed and prepared to resume their attack. What happened

next was later described by witnesses as "like something from out of the 300 movies", as Spartana used her superior

strength, speed, and fighting skills to either cripple or kill all twelve heavily-armed men in less than three minutes,

before going blade-to-blade with the Immortal himself.


Their fight, which lasted for several minutes during which time Spartana inflicted several wounds upon her enemy while

avoiding injury herself, came to an end when Greek police and antiterrorist personnel arrived on the scene in response

to the Immortal's attack. Recognizing that his attack had failed, and that he was now outnumbered, the Immortal fled

the scene -- but not before swearing vengeance upon Spartana, and promising her that they would meet again one day.



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

Heeding Leonidas' call,

The Spartans went to war

(From the song Sparta, by the Swedish rock group Sabaton)

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Techamachus MNF (Mobile Nano-Fac) Unit

The latest innovation to emerge from the laboratories of Lord Dark Matter's brilliant yet twisted cyborg genius,

the Mobile Nano-Fac Unit is a compact and complete manufacturing and repair facility mounted on a tracked

mobility chassis, enabling it to traverse nearly any terrain within limits ( mountainous, rugged terrain and under-

water environments are thus far the only exceptions). A medium-range sensor located underneath the main

body just above the forward treads provides advance warning of hazards in the MNF Unit's path, such as thin

layers of rocky crust concealing hollow spaces that could break under the unit's weight.


The MNF Unit is protected by light yet strong armor, which is capable of withstanding hits from such Earthly

weapons as .50-caliber machine guns and LAAW rockets; a pair of shield generators within the main body

provides additional protection from energy-based weaponry.


The MNF Unit can be operated by one of two means: either by a "plug-in" computer module with limited A.I. cap-

ability (which can both 'drive' the unit as well as operate the nano-fac systems), or by Techamachus himself.


The MNF Unit makes use of both nanotech assemblers and disassemblers to both repair damaged LoI weapons,

as well as to break down and analyze any technological devices or weapons which come into the Legion's possess-

ion; the unit can also manufacture any device or weapon used by the Legion, due to the extensive on-board data-

base stored in the unit. A towed trailer module carries a supply of the components necessary to build said devices

and weapons; as for any raw materials that may be needed by the MNF Unit, such materials are stockpiled as part

of the supplies of any LoI base or outpost.


As far as is known, only a dozen of these units are in existence, and  are typically assigned to very important missions

by Lord Dark Matter himself.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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So I just visited the Fabrica website and now you can download FH14. For those who remember when it was free it only allowed the Super model to be used. However, with this download you can use all the other models. Whoo-hooo....


Anyways, if anyone wants a link to the download it is here:



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6 hours ago, Major Tom 2009 said:

OK, I just downloaded FH2014, but there's nothing to tell me how to select items from the menus to get

them to show up on the 'canvas'.  What do I need to do in order to get what I want on a picture?



Major Tom 2009 :think:


This one takes a  little practice. 1. click Criar! 2. On the right side of the screen click the American flag for English. 3. On the left side you click on the model drop down. This'll let you select Super/Amazon/Athlete/Brute. 4. Before actually picking parts click onto the Physical which allows you to select tall, short, etc... 5. You must select a model before selecting an item.  6. Using the Type of Item drop downs to select the item you want to use. Just Double Click. 7. You can actually advance or retreat on the item selection using the Selected Item left and right arrows on the right side of the screen. 

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Magni and Modi


What started as a meeting between gangs soon devolved into a riot. Without Hightower things quickly took a serious turn to the worse. The papers dubbed the incident the Freedom Park Massacre. Things could've been worse if Power and Shingon hadn't intervened. The Einherjar were one of the gangs who met that day in Freedom Park. Their leader was Black Phoenix the daughter of the 70's super-heroine Freya Washington. After the dust settled her cousins took over the Einherjar using the names of Magni and Modi. Black Phoenix has since joined the Outkasts.

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