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A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

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Here's one of LDM's higher-level minions:




Governor Oculus (with Oculoid drone servitor)


For all his power, not even Lord Dark Matter can be everywhere in his growing empire; to this end, he has chosen ruthless beings

of all sorts -- male, female, as well as some that can't be easily classified -- to rule over conquered worlds in his name. One of

the most ruthless of these individuals is a man known only as Governor Oculus, who was installed as the ruler-by-proxy of an

Elysian colony world which has since become known only as the Lost Colony, as its inhabitants had no time to give it a name

before the planet was overrun and conquered by units of the Nth Legion of Infinity. Not only does Oculus have several of the

Legion's cohorts to call upon if need be to quell unrest or outright rebellion, he also has a number of cybernetically-controlled

robotic servitors known as Oculoids which he can use as remotely-controlled surveillance drones -- or, if need be, as assassins.


The Oculoids are more than adequately equipped to carry out that particular part of their design;  not only are they equipped

with razor-sharp claws on their hands and feet, but they are also armed with twin shoulder-mounted plasma-bolt projectors

as well as a scorpion-like tail as well. The tail 'stinger' can either be used to deliver a lethal neurotoxin or -- when a live captive

is required for 'questioning' -- a non-lethal paralytic agent into its victim. As for the claws, they can also be used as climbing

tools, as they can easily pierce stone walls -- even if said walls are made of granite (or its alien equivalent). Oculoids are also

equipped with a holographic 'camouflage field' generator, which enables them to move about with virtual invisibility even in

the most crowded of environments; in addition, internal sound-dampening equipment enables the Oculoids to move with

absolute silence. With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why Oculoids are some of the most feared weapons in the

arsenal of Lord Dark Matter, as well as those who serve him.


Oculus himself is never without access to one of his Oculoids at any given time; only when he is in the presence of his master

does he disconnect from whatever unit he's using at the time. This is because of the very real possibility that a rebel with the

appropriate skills could take control of an Oculoid and use it himself to try and kill the Governor or Lord Dark Matter. Oculus --

not being a fool -- is very careful not to provide such opportunities to his enemies. Besides, he -- not to mention every other

Governor in Dark Matter's empire -- knows full well what happened to the last Governor who failed his master in that regard.

They still have nightmares about the incident -- and what happened to their colleague.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Here's Lord Dark Matter's top commando team, The Hand of Darkness:

















And the being who chooses their targets -- one of Lord Dark Matter's most fearsome servants:



Legate Mortalis


Major Tom 2009 :eg:


















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6 hours ago, PhantomGM2602 said:

YE GODS!!! Talk about a Major league Rouges Gallery , think you can bring up a Team  to combat them?


Egyptoid already did; a few years back, he had a thread on the boards in which he described a Green Lantern Corps-type

of organization called the Cosmic Centurions, each of whom possessed power bands which granted them specific powers

based upon the color or type of element represented by their uniforms. Some of the board's members who followed that

thread contributed Centurion characters of their own, including yours truly.  I even added a smaller group of similar super-

beings called the Star Centurions ( like the Cosmic Centurions, the Star Centurions was a multi-species group, which like

the Cosmic Centurions also included a member from Earth); both groups were committed to the fight against Lord Dark

Matter and his minions. I'll have to see if the thread is still available here on the boards.


EDIT: I just got through searching for the thread, and apparently it's no longer here on the boards; however, I did find posts

where it was referenced (mostly in this thread). Oh, well...



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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I just got through updating some of my earlier pics that had been originally done with FdH2011, and since I

do have access to the 2014 version, I thought that there was room for improvement. So here's the first of

the updated pics, featuring a super-terrorist who uses some very nasty pseudo-biological weapons:







Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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16 hours ago, bubba smith said:

I do not see any pics


Follow these diagnostic steps


1) Raise your hands in front of your eyes.

2) Extend one of your fingers on each hand.

3) Slowly and gently move each finger toward an eyeball. If you encounter a fleshy membrane before touching the eyeball, the problem is that your eyes are closed.

4) See this wiki for instructions on how to open your eyes: https://tinyurl.com/2fcpre6



(Dammit Jim, I'm a comedian not a computer geek.)

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On 8/28/2018 at 6:05 PM, Mister E said:



I miss the old City Of Heroes costume generator.


It's actually still available.  And some enterprising souls have turned the game client into a chat client.  No monsters though.


Google for Icon, ParagonChat and/or Titan Network.

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Here's a pic that I had an idea for after getting FH14 back on my desktop menu (after the app had to be removed following

some problems with my laptop; more on this later):


What if Sparkler (IIRC, a teenage supervillainess from Classic Enemies) managed to find some mad scientist-type who told

her that he could increase the strength of her powers -- and what if, not only were her powers increased as promised, her

"wowza" factor got kicked up a few notches as well (as in she not only aged a few years in a matter of seconds, but also

wound up with a body that most women would kill for)?


This was what I came up with:




Sparkler (2.0 -- and then some)


Major Tom 2009?

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As mentioned in the previous post, the FH14 app on my laptop had to be removed (along with several other apps) due to

problems with said laptop. Hoping to rectify the situation and get the app back, I visited the website where the various

versions of FdH had been, hoping that at least the download files were still available. They were, but if anyone reading

this post wants to go to the website to download the FH14 app, be advised: when I clicked on the download button to

reload the file, I got hit with a virus that shut my laptop down until I could get it cleared up.


The only reason that I have FH14 back is that the original file download was still in my file downloads menu (I thought

that when the app had been removed meant that it had been erased from the hard drive, not just from the desktop

menu), and it was just a matter of reinstalling it (all praises to the File Download menu :hail:).


Major Tom 2009 B)

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