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I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!)

SSgt Baloo

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In my dream I was in an elevator, but I wasn't told which floor I was going to. I had to solve a puzzle to figure that out. So I did my best and pushed the button. The elevator went up, the doors opened, and I saw a sign that read, "Not quite. Here's a clue."


So I used the clue and came up with a new answer, hit the button for that floor, and was greeted by another sign. It said, "Oops! Sorry. That last clue was a fake. But this one is real. Probably."


I recalculated based on the new clue and double-checked my answer. I push that button, and the doors opened to a sign that said, "Oh, so close! Have you considered _____?"


And so on. At one point I got so frustrated that I just pressed several buttons at random. The elevator dropped swiftly to the bottom floor and when the door opened, I was greeted by a bellhop in full uniform who handed me a monogrammed envelope. I opened the envelope and read the message inside which said, "Yeah, that's not going to work. Try harder."


And that's when my alarm went off.


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I had this dream about being hit in the chest with a dart thrown by an unseen assailant. It didn't penetrate deeply, but it was enough to draw blood. I had nothing but an unsharpened pencil to use in self defense.


I woke up with my chest in pain. It was also a bit red. A day later I found a dead bee in my room.

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I think I had George Russell's dream the other night. I was in a Mercedes F1 car, and I'd qualified on the front row. But, as I pulled up on the starting grid, I couldn't see where the signal lights that would indicate the start were. I kept looking around, waiting for the start, and they didn't seem to be anywhere. Eventually (well, after a few seconds) I just went (and the rest of the field followed) and I was on the radio to my engineer asking, "Did I jump the start? I couldn't see the lights."


I expect that George Russell is wondering why he had a dream about printing church bulletins.

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I had this dream about going to the bathroom at night and noticing my sister's light was on. Not unusual; she's probably watching TV. Then I heard the Halloween theme and knew what she was watching.


I noticed a carving fork was on the bathroom sink. When I was ready to go back to my room, I suddenly found the fork in my hand although I didn't remember reaching for it. I heard a woman scream; I knew that was from the movie. But I thought to myself, if Michael Myers suddenly tried to jump me, I'd stab him with the fork. I opened the door....


Nothing. Everything was normal, but I decided to keep my guard up just in case.


My dream the previous night was more pleasant. I was on a bus going to work. As I prepared to get off the bus, I noticed French actress Audrey Fleurot on the same bus (I had been watching Spiral that night). She had unknowingly dropped her sunglasses, so I returned them before getting off. She smiled and thanked me, and I smiled back.

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1 hour ago, tkdguy said:

I was sitting in a room with Colin Powell and a bunch of other people. Trump came in and began making a speech. Colin Powell decided to sneak out so we wouldn't have to listen to Trump. We went to another room and talked about.... Crayola????

Marking fake codes in crayon can help keep the President from doing something really stupid with the nuclear football, like bombing some random country for no reason.

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I dreamed that one of my fellow science teachers (female) and I were trying to track down a bully at the school. After chasing down a few leads, we determined that he was in the boy's bathroom. I went in to confront him. To my surprise, she came in with me.


We caught the guy just before he was about to hit a younger boy. They both froze when they saw us. I gave the younger kid an "It's okay, you can go" look. He did.


The bully then went into full-on toxic masculinity alpha male bullsh*t mode. He ignored me and said to my colleague, "Hey Miss P___, what are you doing here? You come in here to look at my d*ck?"


I responded sternly, "No, she most certainly did not."


She replied with, "No, it's all right. I brought a magnifying glass."


Well, I lost it. I laughed so hard I had difficulty breathing. The bully was completely mortified; he actually started to look smaller and weaker as the moments went by. My colleague, meanwhile, just stood there with a smug, "I own you" kind of look on her face. In the end, the kid asked her if he could have permission to go to the office. 


After that, we both started carrying magnifying glasses with us. Any time we saw this kid, we'd wave at him with them. He never bullied anyone after that. 

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I had a series of stress dreams the other night. First I was waiting for the train late at night, when I noticed the train should have come in ten minutes ago. When it finally came, I sat on a seat vacated by an elderly couple who had been eating on the train. The seats were so filthy that I decided to sit elsewhere.


Then I was in a hotel room. I had received a package full of miniatures. I happily started opening up the packages. Then I remembered these miniatures were actually for someone else. I was just supposed to deliver them.

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Interpret as you will:


The Knight Foundation (yes; _that_ one) had _way_ less money than they thought, and the Knight Rider car was built as a Pontiac Fiero.  For reasons that were never really clear, it had a cab-over camper on it (with a little TAG axle under it to help support the crippling weight).  There was only enough of the invulnerable car wax to cover the Fiero, though, and every time they would jump the car or get into a firefight or--- well, pretty much anything, the 1962 vintage cab-over camper would get destroyed.  For some reason, that camper was the most vital part of maintaining the inconspicuousness of the Pontiac Fiero, so I was constantly rebuilding it.


My job was to follow along behind it in the support vehicle (for the same budgetary reasons, they never got the big semi truck with the nice-looking brunette technician; I was given a 1974 Bultaco Sherpa with a stand-on sidecar and toolboxes secured as saddlebags.  It did not get the bullet proof car wax, because there was "no point.  Who was going to notice the little antique Spanish-imported two-stroke motorcycle with the weird sidecar full of panelling, aluminum siding, and power tools training valiantly to keep up with the Pontiac Fiero with the cab-over camper on its back?  This is foolproof!"


I was getting really good at ducking when my wife called from work and-- mercifully- woke me up.



insomnia: the gift that keeps on giving, even when you finally get to sleep.....



(and I thought I hated that show _before_! )



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A few nights ago I had this dream about going to a job interview in what looked like a classroom. I don't remember what type of job it was, but I remember seeing a former coworker and a former student, neither of which I've seen in years. Three people came in and interviewed the applicants one by one. When my turn came up, I was just asked a couple of questions. One was whether I was free from COVID19. The next was whether I ever killed anyone. I had to ask the interviewer if I had heard that right. It seems I didn't complete a certification, but never mind; they'd see if they could waive that requirement.


I walked to my student and mentioned what a weird interview that was. She said that was 3 months ago, and I said I had no conception about time. We chatted for a bit, then the TARDIS materialized. My student said she was going to travel with the 7th Doctor, and we parted ways.


Then I found myself walking down a path and witnessed the duel between Morgoth and Fingolfin. I could hear the elf-lord cry out as the Dark Lord beat him to death. I wondered when Thorondor would show up. Sure enough, the Lord of Eagles swooped down from atop a building and drove Morgoth away. He was supposed to carry off Fingolfin's body, but he couldn't actually do that because this was just a play, and he was really a person in a bird costume.

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I was in my taekwondo class when Micky Dolenz showed up and asked to train with the bokken. I volunteered to work with him since I was more in the mood for swordplay than kicks. Just before we started, I looked at some notes and saw an answer key. I remembered I had checked some of his work from a book about the bokken (the questions were apparently multiple choice), but I hadn't checked the entire book.


The scene suddenly shifted to some RPG game set in Middle-earth. I was trying to get my character to the ocean. I was moving a 1/72 scale miniature as my character, but everything was scaled to my size, not the miniature's. I would have to climb down a rocky cliff while moving my miniature before reaching the sea shore. The coast was a perfectly straight line. Giant waves kept appearing, but instead of reaching the shore, they went from one side of the ocean to another. One would appear moving left, then another would come in a few seconds later going the other way. I wasn't sure how I'd maneuver my character through all that.

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