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Originally posted by Hermit

A: verbose malcontent


Q: What is it that a person would have to be to conceive of a question so mindbendingly mangled and full of obnoxious obfusication, redundant repetitious rhetoric, grandiloquent garbage, ancillary alliteration, copious circumlocutory crud, and pointless peripheral pontification as this?


A: It's thinner around the middle, but slippery at the sides.

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Originally posted by Enforcer84

Q. So Foxbat, how many times a day do you plug in the electric Foxbat Mobile


A. Correct, and now we use Dr Destroyers helmet for an ashtray.


Q: You've been in the Asylum for quite a while haven't you Enforcer?


A: Six homicides and a boat with a hole in it.

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Originally posted by Klytus

Question: What is an animal innard even a haggis-eating Scotsman refuse to eat?


Answer: A gorgeous, but dangerously psychotic and heavily armed, naked lady.


Q: Why did you just run out of your room naked?


A: All roads lead to nowhere.

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