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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: What are the Canadian armed forces going to do if they don't get that pay raise?


A: That's easy, just feed a llama six cans of beans and send it to Cleveland.


Q: How can we do a dry run of a terrorist attack without anyone caring?


A: The Dark Side of the Sun.

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Re: Answers & Questions


A: I said pass the pepper' date=' not the [i']pepper spray[/i].


Q: Uh, even though my metabolism is capable of producing and excreting anything on demand, are you sure you want an uncontrolled release of vesicant gas?


A: That wasn't what he meant by "pass".

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Re: Answers & Questions


Q: Hey Tom Brady! Who has the key to the replay booth?


A: That little Ryan will love to do that!



Q: Hey, teacher, you got any kids who'll mind manning our home built rocket? Gotta be ones that won't be missed, if you know what I mean.


A: A can of coke, a bag of popcorn, and thou.

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