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Macross HERO Question

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Originally posted by bryanb

Hey NSG,


Of course you will post your conversions here...won't you? :)


Post them here?


Why on earth would I ever want to do that!?






























Just kidding!


Of course I'm going to post them here. Thats my whole reason for doing them (I don't plan on ever doing a Gundam Wing campaign...now Macross on the other hand is a possibility)

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Re: One other thing to model


The Zentradi are normally giants, but have a device that allows them to "micronize" to human size for inflitration and the like. (And, God, didn't THAT backfire on them!) The process is reversible, but you need to get to a device and have someone run it for you. Humans can't use it to grow to giant size, or at least nobody ever tried.


How would you model something like that? Growth/Shrinking Usable on Others, OAF? How big a limitation is Requires an Operator?



In my recent attempt at converting the Zentraedi, I gave them 9 levels of Growth, 0 END, Persistant, and "only changable in the lab" (-1/4), much like a gadget VPP. They can go back to base (or ship) and switch their growth on or off in a chamber, but can't do it in combat.

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