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Weapons and such

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Let's say a character has a VPP:

83 Arsenal: Variable Power Pool (Gadget Pool), 67 base + 16 control cost, (100 Active Points); VPP Powers Can Only Be Changed In Arsenal (-1/2), Limited Class Of Powers Available Slightly Limited (All items must be built as a Focus of at least -1/4 Limitation; -1/4), Limited Special Effect Very Common SFX (Only Technology-based powers; -1/4)


This character then puts together a variety of lists for a variety of configurations. One of these lists include the MP-built Utility Belt from GnG (p. 98). Another list includes a variation of the "Halloween Arsenal" on p. 53, which is essentially an MP filled with weapons.


Now the character has submitted a list which is simply an MP containing a variety of firearms, blades and grenades, then a couple of misc sensory items.


Is it legal to continuous build MPs from a VPP? Legal or not, should it be allowed if it doesn't break the technical rules?

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