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The Sacketts

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Is there any interest in Western Hero builds? I've been fooling around with building the Sackett family (they tend to come in around the 200 point range) and could put some up here. There's a lot of crossover - many have the same basic skills - but ones like Tell and Lando and Jubal are pretty distinct.

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Re: The Sacketts


Every other book had a call sent out that brought Sacketts from all over. You had gambler Sacketts, riverboat Sacketts, outlaws and soldiers, gunfighters and yes, even preachers (somewhere around the fifth or sixth book, I think).


I don't know if I'd go as high as 200 points except for a very few "stars" of the novels--Tell, Orrin, Tyrel, Jubal, to name a few--but I could see 125-150 being common enough. Echo was the only woman I remember, but Lando was a fist fighter and Falcon was a ship's captain. You have options all across the board.


I would go with a good solid package build, then tailor each one to a particular niche or staple of the genre.

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