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Foods for those that just don't care anymore

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Not really foods for those that just don't care any more. 



Well, if you don't care about friends.  Note the pepper math.  Has anyone seen some green habaneros or scotch bonnet peppers?  If it is green it must be mild, right?

Last time I made some the green was almost as hot as a hot red from the store. 

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*If* you can get one within about two weeks of when it's picked, a Red Delicious is really, really good, both flavor and texture.  They just don't hold that quality at all.


My folks lived on the edge of the Yakima Valley in eastern WA, so discussions about apple varieties are rather a large part of that environment, and I have eaten really excellent Red Delicious apples.  The variety evolved because it was observed that grocery-store shoppers always selected the reddest apples in the displays.  So the industry bred the variety for that really intense red color ... to the exclusion of all else.  So much for market research.


Another odd thing about Red Delicious: the variety is male-sterile.  They don't make viable pollen, and so an orchard of nothing but Reds produces no fruit at all.  So to grow Reds, you need to have two varieties (historically, usually the other is Golden Delicious) in your orchard, usually in alternating rows, so (1) the bees can carry pollen effectively from row to row, and (2) the pickers don't need much organizational help to keep the varieties separate come picking time.


Galas are sort of meh to me (and so are Fujis); I'd rather have Braeburns.  Honeycrisps (mentioned in that item) are good for eating out of hand.  Another nice variety for that is the Pink Lady.  I dunno how well those keep (since I'm close to the production areas).  And I have no idea if either of them are decent for cooking.

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8 hours ago, Cygnia said:


My family's from Maine, and they all had varying tolerances of the beverage. I'm assuming that my grand-mere liked it, as there always seemed to be some in her house. My Mom didn't like it, and the few times that I tasted it, it really didn't do much for me*. But I've seen young kids in the supermarket reach for it when I'd visit, so someone seems to like it. I can't really see it going national, though.



*My reaction was, "No, really. It's just something you drink on a dare, right?"

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