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Foods for those that just don't care anymore

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The brand of chocolate chips I used to use had three major ingredients: cocoa beans, vanilla beans, and some other bean that I can't remember.


Had one night I was making dinner and didn't have a side dish so the question of "what are we having with the chicken" was answered off the top of my head a deadpan "three bean salad".


And I served the chicken with a bowl of chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

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12 minutes ago, Cygnia said:


The North American McDonald's got rid of the fried apple pie, but the New Zealand McDonald's still sell it. Theirs are filled with New Zealand Granny Smith apples and were very delicious when I visited Wellington for training over a decade ago. I haven't tried the lattice top pie from McDonald's, but the last incarnation of their baked pie just filled me with buyer's remorse.


Checker's/Rally's has a decent fried apple pie, though it doesn't have the bubbly crust of the McDonald's original, but is instead rolled in cinnamon sugar. 

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