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On 10/29/2018 at 1:46 PM, Cygnia said:

Fennel seed/anise is a big reason why I hate Italian sausages. 

I can't stand them if they taste strongly of fennel, but I love black licorice and absinthe. I think that anise flavor falls strongly in the "must be paired with sugar" category for me.


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My favorite pizza is a very thin crust, fennel sausage and mushroom, from a wood-fired oven.  It's not overpowering, which certainly fennel can be.

Then again, I use fresh fennel, when I can harvest some, in my chicken soup.  Stalks and leaves.  I've also made clay oven chicken, with fennel (bulb and stalk, and leaves if they don't trim them), onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and whatever all else.  Nothing like the intensity of fennel seed.


The scary part of that "hot dog pie" is you really NEED to see the disclaimer that it's a joke.  I've seen some truly hideous concoctions that are apparently real menu items at restaurants, where they throw together 8 or 12 different things...meats, sides, condiments...into a ridiculous, chaotic mess.  


And of course, there's always 60s tuna casserole.  Potato chips, Durkee fried onions, canned tuna (BLEAH) and condensed cream of mushroom soup.  If you never had it inflicted on you?  Count your blessings.  American everyday "family home cooking" in this period...50s, 60s, probably into the 70s to a degree...was disastrous.

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