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Foods for those that just don't care anymore

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On 4/3/2019 at 10:23 AM, Cygnia said:


The overall quality of food has gone down significantly at places like Golden Corral over the last 30 years. And they've substituted things like canned green beans or canned corn in place of items on the buffet. Those buffet slots in the past they might have had fried chicken liver or some other protein that's difficult to cook at home or perhaps some specialty casserole. Now they've got canned green beans, canned corn, and badly cooked spaghetti with canned sauce. I can open cans of vegetables and cook them badly or badly cook a batch of pasta and pour a jar of sauce over it: I don't need to go out and pay someone $14 to do something that simple for me.


Price goes up, quality plummets.


I much prefer Furrs for a variety buffet restaurant over Golden Corral. Furrs quality has slipped a bit over the last few decades. But nothing like the downhill slide of Golden Corral.


I miss Panchos. One of their few surviving restaurants is theoretically within driving distance but I don't have the heart to go and get hooked on the food again.The quality of their takeout food was hit-and-miss but the dine-in food was always exactly the quality I expected. Guacamole FTW.


For pizza buffets, Cici's has never been much of a place to eat pizza other than having the advantage of being cheap. Now its prices are high enough that it isn't cheap by any definition and the pizza has gone from being recognizably pizza to being almost inedible for anyone who wants to eat pizza. And their salad bar has deteriorated almost as much in quality. Last time after I went in (with a group of people) and paid, I realized I really didn't want to eat their pizza or try to choke down their salad with their sad excuse for salad dressing.


I've been impressed by Pizza Ranch, which is a new chain to me (I found it when visiting Colorado). It does the whole pizza and salad buffet thing but it also has fried chicken, potatoes cooked in several different ways (usually something like steak fries, waffle fries, mashed potatoes and something else), some other hot vegetable, and soft serve ice cream for desert (all of that plus the drink included for one price). It's always interesting to walk around a pizza buffet restaurant and note that the vast majority of the adults are eating chicken rather than pizza. The chicken is somewhat comparable to KFC original recipe.


I really like going to buffets and much prefer them than to going to a traditional restaurant or a fast food place.



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Children + chocolate fountain is a very compelling reason for me to NEVER go to a Golden Corral.


These days I avoid buffets except Asian restaurants, which in my neck of the woods are still exotic enough that very few kids are in evidence other than the owner's family.

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Portland is a major "foodie" mecca, yet Golden Corral persists here. They even have cash to advertise. Before my injury I used to take the crew there when we took a break from our monthlt "crew meeting". I liked it, and the variety pleased everyone. 

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