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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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I don't buy Chestnut's position.  Come on, that Nathan's wants exclusivity with regard to hot dogs is CLEAR.  They assert it's part of the participation terms...and that's 100% reasonable.  (There's a mildly amusing ad running, where the waiter comes by with a dipping cup, presenting it with "our house-made ketchup."  The lady diner says, "I'm Janet Heinz.  I can't be seen eating non-Heinz ketchup."  YEAH...................)


He may not understand that a participation agreement IS a form of contract, but that's no defense.  It may be the case that Chestnut signed the deal with Impossible Foods without knowledge of their impending product...but from what I've read, that isn't the case.  I also don't buy his argument that they're changing the rules, simply because the exclusivity aspect is SO much implicit.  The entire event is one massive ad for Nathan's!  So having your champ promote another brand is like seeing Jared Fogle (BEFORE his arrest) eat at a Jimmy John's, or a John Schnatter (before he got bought out in a hostile move) receiving a Domino's order.

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Mmm...just got the announcement about pre-sale tickets for Great American Beer Festival.  If you're serious about your beer, IMO this is a bucket list event.  Pre-sale requires membership in the American Homebrewers Association...but this is almost required, or you're in a race condition with zillions of others.  The first day of sales is AHA only;  when the tickets go on sale to the public, they're *gone* literally within minutes.


And if your wallet and liver are up to it...try getting tickets for both Thursday and Friday, and on at least one night, get a ticket for PAIRED.  PAIRED is a collaboration between numerous craft brewers and noted chefs from around the country.  Each station has the chefs preparing 1 or 2 recipes;  you get a portion.  There's beers associated with each.  If you go...don't eat dinner.  There's 26 stations.  When I did it, I made the mild mistake of getting the combined GABF + PAIRED ticket for that night.  You don't really need to...there's a good 40-50 beers to sample in PAIRED alone.  So...something like 1 night for PAIRED, and 1 night for GABF.  PAIRED is NOT!!!!! cheap, but oh man, it was so. so, so good.  

Yeah, I've made it to...4, I think.  Might be 5, it's kinda hard to separate them out.  I doubt I'll go back at this point;  my body isn't exactly happy with me if I inflict a GABF on it.  And certain reasons to attend that existed in the past have pretty much faded...for me.  

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