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Poison's Champions Art Thread

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Okay I was asked to share a few more drawings, so I am creating this thread to post a few. I think I will post any new villains I make as well with their character sheets as I get them done.


Okay so here is a sample of some of my drawings. I am not very good with inking and coloring, but I give it an honest effort.


I will start off with my wife's character TAZER (since it is my latest drawing):



This one I did in color:



Here are the original pencils for it:



Here is a drawing I did for a person who requested a drawing for their character on another discussion board:



Here is a drawing I did earlier this year a variant Avengers pic:



Here is the colored version:



Here is a picture I drew for a contest in NYC earlier this year (I didn't win): Poor me!



Here are two characters I played when I used to play D&D:



Here is Misty Knight (a la Marvel Comics)


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Re: Poison's Champions Art Thread


For a person who is "not very good with inking and coloring, but I give it an honest effort" all I can say is that it's one heck of an honest effort! Have some rep.


Love the Myx' head shot in colors or ink. Never thought his eyes should be different colors, but this makes sense.

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Re: Poison's Champions Art Thread


WOW! Thanks so much for the kind words! :jawdrop:


I am not used to receiving this much attention for my art. :eek: I've been drawing for about 30 years now, but never have published anything (or even tried to). I am still just an amateur. Because of this I usually don't get much attention, heh heh. :o


After reading your posts I had an idea...


I am always looking for fresh villain ideas and villain groups. If you happen to have any Villains you think are awesome, fresh, or unique, feel free PMing me with them if you like to share. I am intending to draw all the villains I use in my campaign, and if it is something I think would fit in my campaign, and I would use, I would definitely draw it and share the drawing of your villain here on the boards. I would even give you a special 300 dpi cropped version of it so you could print it or add it to a character sheet and have it look crisp if you like.


This would save me the time creating and building new villains, and I would rather spend that free time drawing MORE villains!!! If you intend on sharing with me, give me a little background and how you envision his costume to look like in as much detail as possible.


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Re: Poison's Champions Art Thread


Here is just a small doodle I did, playing around with a visual idea for a new character... It is very rough...

Nice. Perspective on the gun seems off to me, but that's assuming a 'real' gun as opposed to something more fantastic. Line of the bore looks too high.

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Re: Poison's Champions Art Thread


Hi everyone. Corebrute sent me a PM of a villain group he is using.


the government hunts down those with super powers, and their greatest enforcers are the Techno Avengers, trained soldiers in powered armoured stolen from or built by super intelligent inventors...


The armour is black with red accents. The visor is in a V shape that glows red...


It is very similar to an organization I am using called Saebri-Vanguard who arms device based super soldiers. Unfortunately in my campaign there is only one suit of powered armor on the scene (worn by one of the heroes stolen from this agency - designed and built by him). So I decided to not go with the Iron-man type looking power armor, and instead went with armored agents with pistols. Coincidently, the "V" worked perfectly, as the "Vanguard" arm of Saebri-Vanguard are the enforcers of the agency.


So I decided to draw two versions of this armor and weapons:

1) The female is sporting the lighter less armored version, it is more for infiltration and max agility (espionage/stealth technology). She is armed with two pistol devices which shoot various fun things. She also has a jet pack which doubles as a charger for her pistols, housing more power for her guns. The lights on the side of her guns show battery power level, as well as ammunition level. The pistols use clips for ammo and depending on the type of ammo used, will determine how many shots she has available per clip.


2) The male is sporting the more armored version (core-infantry based). He also has the jet pack, and his gun works similarly to the pistols, however it is much more powerful, with laser sighting, and an extra handle to deal with the strong kick from the gun. ;)


Corebrute I am hoping this is still useful to you, as I am thinking you were wanting a more iron-man esque style power armor for your group. But maybe these can be the lower level agents in your organization if that is the case.



This is currently a work in progress, I will be inking and coloring this and using it in my campaign. Thanks Corebrute for the PM! There is no doubt I will be integrating powered armored iron-man like powered armor into my campaign at some point, but it hasn't happened yet. Once I do I will be drawing that level of agent, no worries.


Anyways here is the work in progress drawing so far in pencils...


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