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in the spirit of christmas!


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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


Okay, here we go:


Faxe Göderblod


Faxe is a superhero from Sweden. He is the grandson of Thor.

Faxe is 7'2'' and weighs 400 lbs. He is heavily muscled, though not as much as The Hulk for example, but close. A smaller variant of The Hulk from the second movie perhaps.

Usually he wears only a loincloth (or shorts), because at the moment he is working on board of the Byzantia, a big yacht cruising in the Caribbean. His skin has a light brown tan from all the hours in the sun. His hair is blonde, but he sometimes shaves his head. So you can depict him as being bald, if you want to. Facial and body hair is a no. He likes it very clean. His eyes are blue.

His clothing (loincloth or shorts) tends to be red or red-white striped. Sometimes he wears boots along with that, if he expects some trouble. His hands are large and and his fists are lethal weapons.

His face is broad with a flat nose, but not unattractive. His smile is blinding and enchanting.


I've done some rough pictures of him using HM or FdH. I can show you, if you like.

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


Since you're offering, I'll request a portrait of Pyrie, the fire-based super who is also the main character in a novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year. She's also the character in my avatar and signature, but I'd rather you based the portrait on the text rather than those graphics. Below is a description taken from the text of said novel:


She was about five feet, five inches tall and athletically built, but wasp-waisted. Her face was attractive, with high cheekbones and large brown eyes framed by chin-length reddish-blond hair.


Her eyes were quite literally blazing, the flames reaching beyond her eyelashes and almost touching her eyebrows.


The costume . . . was made of brick-red material. . . . It covered her from her neck to the tips of her toes, and fit quite tightly without restricting her movement at all.


Her face twisted in concentration, and tendrils of flame began to climb from the palms of her hand, twisting around her arms and body, spiraling down her legs and around her neck. She pulled her arm back as if to throw a punch, twisting her body. With a yell, she threw her open hand forward. The flames peeled off her arm and wrapped around her hand, coalescing into a loose sphere which fired forward with a scream much like the ascent of a Roman candle shot.


Pyrie hovered six feet off the ground, flames roaring out of the soles of her feet and tendrils of fire coiling around her arms and torso. The fire in her eyes blazed angrily.

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


Got room in the queue for one more? :)


The city is plastered with cheap posters, pasted to nearly every flat surface, advertising Professor Madison G. Square's Circus of Delight. The posters promise new sights and sounds; things never before seen; wonders from the mysterious Orient and darkest Africa. Nearly the entire country is abuzz with stories of this circus and its mysterious ringmaster. Every newspaper of record has written about him. He is said to be a medical man. He is said to have personally led expeditions to far away places to capture the most unique animals in creation. He is said to be the deposed prince of some far-off nation. He is said to be fabulously wealthy. And he is said to be the most captivating showman in all the lands.


He is Professor Madison G. Square, and he welcomes you…


The Professor is a tall, stout man, with handsome features and a well-trimmed beard. He dresses in an extravagant manner, as befits a man in his profession. A tall top hat covers his head; he wears a well-tailored suit and covers it with long coat – always in the most amazing colors and fabrics. His slight accent places him from somewhere in Eastern Europe, but no one is quite sure exactly where. He is obviously an educated man, well-versed in both science and literature. He has a lovely baritone voice that, when amplified through a megaphone under the Big Top, can send chills up your spine. He speaks in prosaic language, and makes florid and dramatic gestures with every utterance.

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


next up (again' date=' these are in no particular order), Madison Square, Happy Christmas![/quote']


The Professor looks great! I especially love the pose -- at first glance it's welcoming, but there's also a hint of eerie menace. :thumbup: :thumbup:


At the risk of being greedy (and I don't want to bump anyone else down the queue!), can I ask for another one? :o:D This is for my Steampunk game...


The Death Badger


“In 1915, French genius inventor Justine Bordeaux outfitted and trained a special team of soldiers that he called les Blaireaux de la Mort (The Badgers of Death) to fight on the front lines. The Death Badger armor is heavy body armor (modeled along medieval plate armor) powered by wind-up springs and clockwork. The armor uses springs built into the legs and feet to grant the wearer great speed and mobility, enabling him to leap and spring across the battlefield. However, those who are not properly trained in the use of the armor can end up spraining, straining, or even breaking their legs.”


(If it's "one per customer" then that's fine too). ;)

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