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in the spirit of christmas!


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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


Ugh! I can't believe I didn't discover this thread until right now! Two days too late, it seems. :(


Very nice work, Dr. Destiny! I look forward to submitting a character pic request or three next December!

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


He looks great.

Does he have hands or those blades instead?

And what kind of blades?


according to the description, they're energy blades, curved like scimiters but with handles rather than a hilt - i just blacked out the hands to hint at the light from the blades obscuring them

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


thanks :)


kind of glad i don't know what her back-story is other than a brief description - 'sinister little girl, scary red-riding hood'


i went for sinister & scary, but left off the hood as i thought she'd be more scary if you could see her whole face

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