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in the spirit of christmas!


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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


This is the first page of Book Two of the Doctor Destiny comic strip I've been doing.


Doc D is a 'street level' mage, who tends to hang around the cracks in the pavement, dealing with those who fall through, and in this incarnation has been designed for Champions Online, although he started life twenty odd years ago in my Champions campaign.


I won't be posting it here, as I don't think it fits in the Champions forum, despite it being set in Millennium City, but I thought I'd put the first page here just to gather folks opinions - all criticism is welcome, as that's how we grow...

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


the first four pages of my latest attempt at doing a comic strip (Doctor Destiny 2; Trials) are up on my deviantArt account, here: http://drdestiny.deviantart.com/


i'd appreciate any opinions on it if anyone has the time - all criticism welcome, if i don't know what's wrong, i can't fix it!


thanks in advance :)

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Re: in the spirit of christmas!


It's great! Very intriguing! I'm curious now' date=' does Doc Destiny stand outside of reality?[/quote']


Thanks for looking Legatus, i appreciate it. It's kind of like the way Doc Strange used to use his astral projection...


anyhoo, next up in the never-ending christmas pics series is Karsk (i seem to have collected a large pile if requests for characters who are disturbed in some way...)

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