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Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets

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Re: Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets


I've already used this idea myself, so it's OK to share ;)


Nazi mystics plan to forge an alliance with Deep Ones to aid in U-Boat warfare.


In my pulp campaign, this led to a marvelous sneak-and-snipe sequence on Helgoland, where the PCs were dropped off by a Danish Communist fisherman, sneaked up to the ritual site, and proceeded to drop the head SS magician with a masteful sniper shot. Much chaos ensued, but the PCs got away by stealing a couple of Me-109s from the local airfield.


I've also brought in the secret U-boat base in Atlantis - the Atlantis from the animated movie a few years ago...

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Re: Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets


Why not water down the Delta Green WWII history - Nazis looking for Thule uncover the Elder Thing city in Antarctic (shoggoths) and the fabled Tectonic Agitator that separated Australia from the Asian continent - the Karotechia using Herbert West's formulae to resurrect dead German soldiers for use as shock troops against the Allied advance - Himmler's occult plans to summon Azathoth as a superior form of atomic bomb - Nazi / Deep One alliance vs Allied shipping - ghouls begin to worship Stalin as 'The Great Provider' - UK use of psychics to predict Axis air-raids.


All good stuff :)

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