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"Baka Mallets"

Michael Hopcroft

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How would you, as a chartsacter constructor, model the abilityu to summon a mallet out pof thin air and whack someone who is annpoying you with it? Desite the massive weightof the mallet, you would have no trouble weilding it and, while being hit with it hurts like hell and might knock someone unconscious, it;'s nefer fatal.


This power is frequently associated with anime, and linked to characters like Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2) and Kaori (City Hunter). It is usually used as a resaponse to someone you care about (but are in denial about) looking at another girl or doing something equally rude.

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Actually, I'd give the loved one being beaten up Vulnerability: 2x Stun From Annoyed Loved One, Common, for 20 points. This Vulnerability manifests as a giant mallet forming, but in game mechanics it's just the normal blow.


I'd make it Very Common, but in my experience it just doesn't happen all that often when it's important for the hero to be awake.


Otherwise, OddHat's suggestions work, but I'd put on them the Infinite Limitation: Only works vs. specific loved one, and not actually charge for it. I'd put it on the sheet because it's amusing, though.

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