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150 Point Project

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I wonder if anyone would like to take up the challenge of trying to model their favorite fantasy characters (book, film, TV, comic, manga, etc.) on 150 points (75+75 in disads).


Some characters would be obviously impossible (Gandalf, Conan the Barbarian, Lina Inverse, etc.) But some others (Gollum, Elric, Thundarr, Deedlit, Dr. Van Helsing) might be entirely possible, especially if they don't have magic weapons they rely on.


I imagine one could post the character sheets they come up with right here. I have fond memories of the old 250 point project for superheroes from 4th Edition days and figured such a 'contest" (although there is no prize other than the satisfaction of a job well done) would be a perfect way to celebrate, and practice with, the new edition of FH.


(Would anyone be interested in a similar project for SH, or a 350-point project for Champions?)

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Characters from literature or movies are not created with a point number constraint. As such, for some characters, 150 points may be too much. Still, it might be fun to create them anyway.


I still think that a younger version of Conan would be allright with 150 pts, as well as Gandalf.

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My first FH conversion, sure I've done many things wrong. My favorite hobbit for FH.






Val Char Cost
13 STR 3
13 DEX 9
20 CON 20
10 BODY 0
13 INT 3
23 EGO 32
10 PRE 0
10 COM 0
3/9 PD 0
4/7 ED 0
3 SPD 7
7 REC 0
40 END 0
30 STUN 3
6" RUN00" SWIM-22 1/2" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 75


Cost Power END
12 Shrinking (0.9906 m tall, 0.4953 m wide, 12.4738 kg mass, -2 PER Rolls to perceive character, +2 DCV, +3" KB), Inherent (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2) (22 Active Points); Always On (-1/2), No Growth Momentum (-1/4)
46 Variable Power Pool, 40 base + 6 control cost, No Skill Roll Required (+1) (80 Active Points); Extra Time (20 Minutes; -2 1/2), No Conscious Control (-2), Limited Class Of Powers Available, no attacks (Limited; -1/2), Incantations (-1/4) [Notes: Sam is unaware of this ability, but whenever he invokes the name of The Lady and ask for something (water, light, etc), he gets it.]
0 1) Transform 1d6: dry land into land with available water (Major), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Area Of Effect (2" Radius; +1) (37 Active Points) Real Cost: 37
0 2) Clear Clouds: Change Environment 1" radius, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Megascale (1" = 10000 km; +1 1/4) (14 Active Points) Real Cost: 14
Powers Cost: 58



Cost Skill
3 Climbing 12-
2 KS: Songs & Legends of Middle Earth 11-
2 PS: Cooking 11-
5 PS: Gardening 14-
2 Survival 12-
2 WF: Blades, Sling, Thrown Rocks
Skills Cost: 16




Cost Equipment END
9 Armor (6 PD/3 ED) (14 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (added to Secondary Value)
7 Short Sword: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (plus STR) (vs. PD) (15 Active Points); OAF (-1) 1
24 Elvin cloak: Invisibility to Sight Group, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points); IIF (-1/4)
20 Well equipted backpack: Gadget Pool, 10 base + 10 control cost, No Skill Roll Required (+1) (20 Active Points) [Notes: When adventuring, Sam carries a backpack with a number of ordinary but useful items, rope, spare hankerchiefs, cookware, salt, extra tinderbox. Anything that could reasonably be expected to be found in a hobbit hole will be in Sam's backpack on an 11-.]
Equipment costs shown above are for reference only, and are not included in Total Cost.


Total Character Cost: 149


Val Disadvantages
0 Normal Characteristic Maxima
10 Dependent NPC: Bill the pony 8- (Normal)
10 Distinctive Features: Short, hairy feet, never wears shoes (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)
15 Hunted: Ringwraiths 8- (Mo Pow; Harshly Punish)
15 Physical Limitation: Can't swim (Infrequently; Fully Impairing)
25 Psychological Limitation: Absolute loyalty to Frodo (Very Common; Total)

Disadvantage Points: 75


Base Points: 75

Experience Required: 0

Total Experience Available: 0

Experience Unspent: 0

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Guest zarglif69

you made a few errors in writing up Samwise.

1: you bought his size as permanent shrinking. this is wrong. FREd sez you should buy small size as a disadvantage, with DCV levels.

2: if he can't swim, this is not a Disadvantage, you just buy down his swimming to 0".

Other than that, it looks ok.

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Re: 150 Point Project


I actually did a few of those point levels for a BTVS setting.


Buffybot - http://angel.fcpages.com/csbuffybot2.html

Charles Gunn - http://angel.fcpages.com/cscharles2.html

Daniel "Oz" Osborne - http://angel.fcpages.com/csoz2.html

Dennis Pearson - http://angel.fcpages.com/csdennis2.html

Harmony Kendall - http://angel.fcpages.com/csharmony2.html

Tara Maclay - http://www.angelfire.com/hero/champions/cstara2.html


I also wrote one 50+50 (100 point project?)

Gravity Girl - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/csgravitygirl.html

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Re: 150 Point Project


Here is another 150 point "hero", it's Casey Jones, converted directly from the Palladium TMNT RPG stats to Champions rules. Probably more of a Dark Champions character, but heck, why not have some burnt out innkeeper in Fantasy Hero be a crimefighter in the town your Fantasy Heroes visit next time?





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Re: 150 Point Project


I love making character sheets for new toys I bought, so I wrote this one, and he works great as a 75+75 point sidekick for a technological hero.


It's Hacker X-3 from the Transformers 2007 movie toy line! He's a tiny robot who becomes a handheld video game system. He likes to hack computer systems and share his enemies secrets with the world.








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