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Lucha Hero Quote Of The Day

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"In many Lucha Hero campaigns, it's entirely appropriate for evil geniuses to take the Science Skill: Mad Science along with whatever their other specialties might be. This skill covers areas of expertise in instantaneous cloning, torture-powered artificial organs, time travel or any other field that caused fools to laugh at you back at the academy." dw

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Re: Lucha Hero Quote Of The Day


"It was the same year 'Tysslin' Tom' Gurney knocked out the space-squid from Rigel X-9...

"It happened at 9:38 p.m....

"It came from an atomic flying elbow."


Gerard Way, 'Umbrella Academy' #1



I know it's blaxploitation, not lucha, but it's got the same sense of bravado and style...

"I'm handin' out beat-downs like they was lollipops.

"So how 'bout it... you want a suckah, SUCKAH?"


'Sugah' Rollins, 'Bay City Jive' #1

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