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I was reading a article in March's Gameinformer magazine.


Other consoles? Roper keeps hope alive: "We're exploring our options on both the Xbox and PS3. Basically we'd love to get the game into as many players' hands as possible."


The article goes on to say the PC version will be first followed by console versions specifically calling the Xbox the "slightly more assured version".


To me it keeps looking better and better :thumbup:

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Re: Ps3?


I would love if it hit PS3 since I have one' date=' but I wouldn't count on it.[/quote']


I have the PS3 myself :D Not counting on it, just pleasantly surprised things were still semi-fluid. I was under the impression that it was a done deal for Xbox.


Who knows, the planets may align, dog and cats may get along and I might be able to give the game a whirl :thumbup:


Or maybe not :nonp:

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Re: Ps3?


The odds are highly unlikely that it will see PS3 compatibility. This is mostly due to the OS of the PS3.


Cryptic Studios would have to literally "re-invent the wheel" to make it PS3 compatible, and interface it with the PC and X-Box gamers.


I just don't see it happening. :no:


That's it. You are officially off my Xmas list, Mr. Negativity.




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