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i am building tha is basically an undead. he was possessed after death but took control of the spirit. i have some points left and am buildind a small vpp for various miscellaneous powers that may or may not have combat effectiveness. i would like the power to be able to do something actually functional but also be able to add comedic relief to the character (its funny grossing out other pc's when after a battle i pick off a piece of the meat of whatever we killed and eat it to get various forms of information). other than having darkness powers the pc is a do-gooder and is a little off the wall personality wise. a few carrots short of a potato field kinda off. lol. i was mostly looking for an entertaining character to play.


im looking to see what other cool or funny powers you guys can think of. the vpp has a pool cost of 40 and a control of 20.. i still have a few points beyond this so some advantages/disads can be added in as well. there arent relly any limits on what powers i can make as long as the power fits into the vpp. so...any ideas?...

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Re: Undead trick powers


Well you could manage retrocognition (requires you to eat something relevant) - eat a bit of corpse and get the recent history.


You could buy a little tunnelling (fill in behind) to bury yourself in the ground to sleep (rising from the grave using the same power).


Bit of change environment to raise the hairs on everyone's neck, that 'someone walked over my grave' feeling.


You could even buy darkness/flash (danger sense) to simulate the fact that when you are around EVERYTHING feels dangerous.


Some telepathy and/or mind control with a kiss (actually you 'blow your spirit into their body').


Telekinesis based on tearing off limbs and sending them off to do stuff on their own (could also be done with summoning or even duplication).


Clairsentience: pop out an eyeball or tear off an ear and leave it somewhere so that it can continue transmitting back to you.

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Re: Undead trick powers


The short-lived, but quite interesting, Shadowline Saga by Epic comics 1987-1990 included a villain who was dead and rotting. He would dig up dead bodies for parts and would gain skills depending on the skills the corpse formerly possessed.


He might seek out the eye of a marksman, the arms of a weightlifter, the legs of a runner, etc.


You could use your VPP to pick up skills (KS, PS, combat, etc.) or characteristics (STR, DEX, INT, etc.) depending on what body part your character could find and attach. In the comic, the bad guy always went with the normal human allotment of eyes, ears, hands, etc., but you could go with extra...


Naturally there are all sorts of Limitations (and possibly Disadvantages) associated with this sort of thing. You have to find dead bodies, pull them apart, and add them to yourself. Others may frown on that sort of thing. Why, I can't imagine.

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Re: Undead trick powers


Hah nice examples. The GM isnt opposed to putting talents into frameworks as long as it fits. I like the play dead idea. I like the idea of taking parts from other people to get their abilities, though the concept would be hard to fit in with my character.


Ive toyed with the idea before of being able to take body parts off and be able to use them in interesting ways. The character was actually converted over from deadlands, where the character was a "Harrowed" from the Book of the dead book. One of the powers was called "Trackin' Teeth" where i could take a body part (usually a tooth since it not noticeable) and place it on something and i can track the tooth anywhere. Another was to be able to reanimate parts of my body (like a hand or an eye) and use is to do various deeds. Didnt think about the ear think though. The scene from harry potter where they lower the ear on a string to spy on the meeting comes to mind. Great idea. Might try to work these ones in.


One of the other ideas i had was a summon. I could summon a cockroach or a locust and i would have a mindlink with it. so i could use it to spy for me.


For tunneling, i already have a similat power. I bought Desolidification, only when in touch with ground, cannot pass through solid objects, does not protect against damage, cannot go further than six feet under :D ( a color thing, since im undead. also came from the deadlands game).


another think i thought about was "Incude nightmare". a 2d6 pre drain, cumulative, extra time 12 hrs (sfx when they go to sleep). then giving them a nightmare using my PRE attack of 5d6 while in their sleep seeing images of me or something similar scaring them.

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