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Lone HERO and Cub...?

L. Marcus

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A Hero version of Itto would be nice... Byt, hey, any Hero treatment on medieval Japan would be welcome. Has there ever been an official book on the subject? Are there any good websites? I'm a complete newbie at the Hero system, I got FREd just a few weeks ago, but I really like what I've seen so far, and I really, really like LW&C...

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I've been thinking about it, and all I've come up with is Environmental Movement: Standing in Water, worth 3 points... Oh, and WF: Thrown Sword, but I don't think that would be part of Suio Ryu... :)


How would you do the barehanded-sword-capturing, throwing-it-back-at-the-fella-you-took-it-from technique?

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With regard to Suio style, it is supposed to be a soft, fluid style.


So environmental movement is good, as would be attacks combined with movement.


I'd suggest:


Passing strike

Martial strike

Defensive strike



Running Dodge


as the basic elements, and for the dirty tricks department:


Flash (flick water in their faces)


Images (feint: only to appear to be doing a different maneuver) This simulates the "holding the sword underwater" trick.


Itto clearly has thrown sword as a WF and the grabbing the sword trick is either disarm or takeaway, depending on how you see it.


cheers, Mark

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