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Arca: "Mixed" Genre

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As with all of my campaigns, there are spoilers. Players in my game should avoid reading the thread.


I've got this wonderfully interesting world under creation for my next campaign. I'm not far along yet with the campaign design but I'd like to share what I have now.


Fantasy Side:

Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always

Realism 2 - Romantic

Outlook 2 - Almost Everything Works Out

Seriousness 1 - Campy or Fantastic

Continuity 4 - Mostly serial


The Flip Side:

Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always

Realism 3 - Neutral

Outlook 4 - Success is rare

Seriousness 3 - Some ironic humor

Continuity 4 - Mostly serial



I'll be running the game from the "Fantasy Side" of things but keeping into consideration what is going on with the flip side.


Arca is a very, very large space ark. The keepers of the ark were collectors that went from world to world collecting a variety of alien species to put into a special habitat. One day, one of the species they acquired managed to "escape" the ark and broke it.


Fantasy Side:

Arca appears to be a single continent on a flat earth. The ocean flows off the edge of the world in all directions leaving all species in this giant island. Their is a sun, weather, and all of the fun expectations of a fantasy world. Playable races include three tribes of elves, three tribes of dwarves, sirens, lolcats, and orly's (a sentient owl species). I'm open to new race ideas as well.



The Flip Side:

Arca is a broken space ship adrift. Fortunately most of the residents of the zoo haven't realized that the colony connected to the space zoo has been exposed and over run by alien life forms. This is a post-apocalyptic setting with the only playable race being humans.

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