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Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse


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Re: Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse



Val Char Cost Roll Notes

90 STR 80 27- Lift 6.6ktons; 18d6 [9]

27 DEX 51 14- OCV: 9/DCV: 9

50 CON 80 19-

50 BODY 80 19-

25 INT 15 14- PER Roll 15-

30 EGO 40 15- ECV: 10

60 PRE 50 21- PRE Attack: 12d6

22 COM 6 13-


30+10 PD 12 Total: 30/40 PD (16/26 rPD)

30+10 ED 20 Total: 30/40 ED (16/26 rED)

6 SPD 23 Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

30 REC 4

200 END 50

200 STUN 80 Total Characteristic Cost: 591


Movement: Running: 6"/12"

Flight: 0"/60"/0"/120"

Leaping: 18"/36"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

375 Divine Magics: Variable Power Pool (Magic Pool), 150 base + 75 control cost, Cosmic (+2) (375 Active Points)

330 God of the Skies: Variable Power Pool (Magic Pool), 150 base + 75 control cost, Cosmic (+2) (375 Active Points); all slots Limited Special Effect Sky-God Powers (Weather/Air) (-¼)

120 The Mind Expanded: Variable Power Pool (Mentalism), 90 base + 45 control cost, (135 Active Points); Limited Class Of Powers Available Sensory/Communication Powers Only (-½)

101 Wind Walker: Multipower, 101-point reserve

5u 1) Group Windriding: Flight 20", Usable Simultaneously (up to 8 people at once; +1) (80 Active Points); Recipients Must Remain Within 4" Of Character (-½) 8

10u 2) Wind Walker: Flight 20", Position Shift, No Turn Mode (+¼), No Gravity Penalty (+½), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½) (101 Active Points) 0

7u 3) Windstriding: Flight 20", MegaScale (1" = 100 km; +¾) (70 Active Points) 7

Acrutraments of Zeus

52 1) Thunderbolts of Zeus: Killing Attack - Ranged 6d6, +1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+¼), Affects Desolidified Any form of Desolidification (+½) (157 Active Points); OAF (-1), 8 Charges (Recovers Under Limited Circumstances: More Created By Cyclopian Smiths; -1) [8]

30 2) Warrior's Garb: Armor (10 PD/10 ED), Hardened (+¼) (37 Active Points); Only In Heroic Identity (-¼) 0

Olympian Physiology

4 1) Decidedly heavier than normal: Knockback Resistance -2" 0

30 2) Detific Resiliance: (Total: 30 Active Cost, 30 Real Cost) Hardened (+¼), Inherent (+¼) (15 Active Points) applied to PD (Real Cost: 15) plus Hardened (+¼), Inherent (+¼) (15 Active Points) applied to ED (Real Cost: 15) 0

18 3) Do you really want to get into MY mind? : Mental Defense (24 points total) 0

22 4) Follower of Tail: Detect Attractive Females 15-/14- (no Sense Group), Discriminatory, Analyze, Range, Sense 0

20 5) Godlike Resiliance: Damage Resistance (16 PD/16 ED), Hardened (+¼) (20 Active Points) 0

3 6) Godly Senses: +1 PER with all Sense Groups 0

5 7) How fortunate!: Luck 1d6 0

33 8) I Rule the Ruler of Death: Healing: Regeneration 2 BODY, Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Persistent (+½) (90 Active Points); Extra Time (Regeneration-Only) 1 Turn (Post-Segment 12) (-1 ¼), Self Only (-½) 0

29 9) Immortality: Life Support (Eating: Character only has to eat once per week; Extended Breathing: 1 END per Minute; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Longevity: Immortal; Safe Environment: Zero Gravity; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Sleeping: Character only has to sleep 8 hours per week) 0

30 10) Lifeforce Shielding: Power Defense (30 points) 0

22 11) Living Meteorologist: Detect Weather 15-/14- (no Sense Group), Discriminatory, Analyze, Range, Sense 0

60 12) Master Dimension Walker: Extra-Dimensional Movement (Any Dimension, Any Location), x8 Increased Weight 6

44 13) Shapechanging: Shape Shift (Sight, Touch, Hearing and Smell/Taste Groups, any shape), Instant Change 4

35 14) Speak with Follower: Mind Link , Human class of minds, Any Willing Target, Any dimension, No LOS Needed 0

60 15) Tougher than Thou: Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 75% 0

60 16) Tougher than Thou: Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 75% 0

Athenean Pankration

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Bend Joint -1 +1 2d6 NND

4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort

4 Break Bone -2 +0 HKA 1d6 +1

4 Charge +0 -2 20d6 +v/5 Strike, FMove

4 Crush +0 +0 22d6 Crush, Must Follow Grab

4 Escape +0 +0 105 STR vs. Grabs

5 Fierce Strike (Punch or Kick) -2 +1 22d6 Strike

3 Grab -1 -1 Grab Two Limbs, 100 STR for holding on

3 Kick/Punch +1 +0 20d6 Strike

3 Legsweep +2 -1 19d6 Strike, Target Falls

3 Sacrifice Throw +2 +1 18d6 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls

3 Takedown +1 +1 18d6 Strike; Target Falls

1 Weapon Element: Cestus

1 Weapon Element: Polearms and Spears



50 Home Sweet Temple: Home in Olympus

6 Lord of Olympus: Reputation: Powerful King (A large group) 14-, +2/+2d6

25 Lord of Olympus: Ruler of Small Dimension

15 Put it on my MasterCard: Money: Filthy Rich

10 Well Connected: 10 other contacts at 11-

3 Well-Connected

11 1) Contact: Gods of Heliopolis (Contact has very useful Skills or resources), Organization Contact (x3) (12 Active Points) 11-

11 2) Contact: New Asgard (Contact has very useful Skills or resources), Organization Contact (x3) (12 Active Points) 11-



3 Accurate: Absolute Range Sense

3 Ambidexterous: Ambidexterity (-2 Off Hand penalty)

20 Innate Linguistics: Universal Translator 14-

9 Quicker than Lightning: Lightning Reflexes: +6 DEX to act first with All Actions

3 Son of Chronos: Absolute Time Sense

3 Voice of a God: Perfect Pitch



6 +2 with Martial Arts Style

40 +5 with All Combat

50 King of Many Things: +5 Overall

33 Magic Shaping: Control Godlike Abilties 29-

3 Analyze: Combat 14-

3 Bureaucratics 21-

3 Conversation 21-

3 Disguise 14-

3 High Society 21-

3 Interrogation 21-

3 Jack of All Trades

2 1) PS: Appraise (3 Active Points) 14-

2 2) PS: Dance (3 Active Points) 21-

2 3) PS: King (3 Active Points) 21-

2 4) PS: Singer (3 Active Points) 21-

1 5) PS: Soldier/Warrior (2 Active Points) 11-

3 Linguist

3 1) Language: English (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

0 2) Language: Greek (Byzantine) (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

3 3) Language: Greek (Koine) (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

4 4) Language: Greek (Modern) (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

4 5) Language: Italian (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

4 6) Language: Latin (imitate dialects) (5 Active Points)

3 Mimicry 14-

3 Navigation 14-

3 Oratory 21-

3 Riding 14-

3 Scholar

2 1) KS: Ancient Rome (3 Active Points) 14-

4 2) KS: Arcane And Occult Lore (5 Active Points) 16-

2 3) KS: Olympians (3 Active Points) 14-

9 4) KS: Sexual Techniques and Positions (10 Active Points) 21-

2 5) KS: The Pantheons of Earth (3 Active Points) 14-

2 6) KS: The Superhuman World (3 Active Points) 14-

3 Seduction 21-

3 Shadowing 14-

3 Stealth 14-

3 Survival 14-

11 TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Riding Animals, Chariots, Large Rowed Boats, Large Wind-Powered Boats, Rafts, Small Rowed Boats, Small Wind-Powered Boats, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles

3 Tactics 14-

3 Teamwork 14-

3 Tracking 14-

3 Traveler

2 1) AK: Ancient Greece (3 Active Points) 14-

2 2) AK: Olympia (3 Active Points) 14-

2 3) AK: Tartarus (3 Active Points) 14-

1 4) CK: Athens (2 Active Points) 11-

2 5) CK: Rome (3 Active Points) 14-

13 WF: Common Martial Arts Melee Weapons, Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons, Early Firearms, Siege Engines, Small Arms, Off Hand


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 1996

Total Cost: 2587


200+ Disadvantages

5 Distinctive Features: Godly Mein (Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Unusual Senses)

15 Enraged: When Charges Are Harmed (Uncommon), go 11-, recover 11-

5 Hunted: Olympians 8- (As Pow; NCI; Watching)

10 Hunted: Rival Pantheons 11- (As Pow; NCI; Watching)

15 Psychological Limitation: Hatred of Jupiter (Common; Strong)

10 Psychological Limitation: Loves the Ladies (Common; Moderate)

15 Psychological Limitation: Overconfidence (Common; Strong)

20 Psychological Limitation: Protective of Family/Followers (Common; Total)

2292 Experience Points


Total Disadvantage Points: 2587


Background/History: In the multi-verse in which Else Earth exists, there has been, off and on through the eons, a war waged between the Progenitors, an enlightened race of humanoids who seek to uplift their intergalactic and inter-dimensional brethren to their level of being. The Progenitors have mastered magic, technology, psionics, and the power cosmic. Of the many more malevolent forces that stand in their way, their greatest enemies are the so called Demon Lords of Crux. The Cruxian dimensions are all ruled by powerful beings of fel magic energy.


As Earth is a nexus world, a planet that serves as a way point for several dimensions, it is an important front for their battles. As such Earth and the nearby planets in its solar system were littered with abandoned or automated stations and caches.


Zeus and Hephaestus found some. This was at the height of the Olympians' powers and prestige. Greece was the cultural epicenter of Europe, they reigned supreme. Zeus and his misshapen son traveled as Zeus was curious about the world and knew that he only oversaw a small portion of it. He took Hephaestus with him as the god of the Forge loved to see new technologies, or artistic endeavors. He also created special devices that let them travel unknown even to other gods.


It was on one of these trips that they encountered a Prime Outpost. Hephaestus was fascinated. The technology was light-years ahead of anything he could create and even his divine abilities to understand and incorporate technology were being "overloaded" he could grasp the purpose of items but even he was at a loss to use them. Hephaestus wanted to stay and study the technology, but Zeus would have none of it. Hephaestus was very important. The weapons and armor he created was too valuable for him to shut himself in a far away outpost. Also, he didn't like the idea of his son having such untapped potential at his fingertips. Zeus summoned a great deal of his own mythical power and separated a fraction of his essence. Dubbing the newly created avatar Jupiter (as the young Roman states referred to him) he charged him with studying this technology, learning it, and bringing the knowledge back. Zeus planned on re-absorbing Jupiter and keeping the knowledge to himself. Zeus and Hephaestus then departed.


For a few years, Jupiter did what he was told. He could contact Zeus and give him updates on his progress. Zeus had given him great stamina and intellect, but no other powers. Jupiter slowly divined the purpose of the technology, and then figured out how to operate enough so that the computers would teach him more. Unfortunately for Zeus, the outpost had been a major factor in the Prime's battles with the LoC. The systems were geared towards the creation, training, and arming of powerful bio-weapons. Jupiter, who had long ago realized that he existed at the whim of Zeus; decided to attempt a grasp at power on his own. If he could become a cosmically powerful Bio-Weapon, he might be able to win his freedom. Using all his will to hide his activities from the mental link with his creator, Jupiter began the long, painful process of self transformation.


Jupiter was unable to keep his traitorous thoughts from Zeus and the King of Olympus withdrew his treacherous avatar's powers and left it a lifeless husk. At least, that's what he believed. In reality, the removal of his divine life spark only eased Jupiter's transformation from entity of magic to cosmic powered entity. Upon reaching the pinnacle of his power, Jupiter transported himself to Olympus; and in various disguises took genetic samples of the major and some of the minor gods and demigods of the Olympic pantheon.


Once his own "Olympian Pantheon" was created, trained, and armed, they attacked Mount Olympus. The battle was fierce and the original Olympians were, man for man, more powerful. They were not cosmically created clones; they were entities of magical power! Unfortunately, they were also disorganized, petty, and caught off guard. The bad blood that had festered between the true Olympians boiled over as each tried to defend their interests above those of Olympus as a whole.


Zeus, in an arrogant rage, made flashy and tactically unsound attacks. He would knock three of the invaders to their knees with one mighty blow; but instead of finishing them, he gloated. Hades and Poseidon were slow to join the battle, sure that their realms would be safe before lending aid to their brother. Ares would not work with Apollo, Herakles, or Athena. Hephaestus fought alone, refusing aid from his brethren. Hera, never a combatant; stood on the sidelines with Aphrodite.


In the end, Jupiter's followers were simply better led, better coordinated, and had the element of surprise. As the True Olympians began to fall to the coordinated attacks of their foes; Zeus became more and more enraged. He drew more and more power to himself. Often adding whatever minor stores of power his "useless" children or siblings had to take his might to unheard of levels. Deciding that taking out the "head" would stop the invaders, he prepared a massive attack for the upstart Jupiter.


And that was when he heard the screams. Not just heard them, he felt the anguish and the pain. His wife, siblings, children, even his people - all of them; he had stolen so much of their life forces to fuel his power they were dying at his hand - all so that he could destroy Jupiter who was only a part of himself.


Zeus suddenly understood that the blast would surely kill everyone present, his wife, his brothers, his children and he faltered. Perhaps it was the access to Athena’s wisdom or perhaps Hestia’s loyalty to the family, or even a glimpse into the future…a future where he stood alone on the decimated ruins of his once mighty empire. Quickly changing tactics, he altered the magic energy burst from a destructive force to a transport. He transported everyone of his pantheon away, scattered them across the multi-verse so that they could escape; then with a grin, Zeus collapsed.


The False Olympians descended on him like vultures – but Jupiter kept him alive, for he knew that the Olympian Realm needed the Gods to remain – his pantheon was not the stuff of magic and things would slowly deteriorate without their divine presence. Zeus also needed to suffer for his arrogance and defiance. Jupiter wasted no time in sending his “Father” to Tartaus and allowed his forefather’s the Titans to act as his jailors.


It was good to be the king. It was good to be worshipped and revered, to use one’s vast power to crush your enemies and take what you wanted in gold, tributes, and lovers. Whenever Chronos and the other titans abused him, these were the things Zeus thought about.


Chained to a rock and tortured to near death for years by his numerous enemies, Zeus had much time to think. His powers had been all but exhausted saving his family from his vanity and arrogance come back to haunt him in the form of Jupiter and his mockeries of the true Olympians.


It was vanity and paranoia that led to Jupiter’s creation. It was arrogance that led to the true lords of Olympus’s defeat – and it was defeat that led to redemption.

True he had been weakened, but his strength returned and to ensure he would not escape Tartarus, Jupiter had the titans craft bindings that would limit Zeus’ might, and yet it slowly returned. His tormentors knew not of this, of course, Zeus protected himself – using his powers to hide his returning vigor. At first this was to marshal more power for his escape and later when he turned his power outward to try and find traces of his siblings, wife, and children.

Apollo had become a wise and just leader of a small pantheon of being worshiped on a faraway world, as had Poseidon. Zeus’s early resentment of this grew to pride as he saw how his son had surpassed him as a ruler.


Hephaestus had remade himself, mastered the technology that Zeus had sought to keep him from and found all the love and glory he’d long sought, Ares had become a God of Warfare rather than just a bringer of War. Hades had finally won the love of his cherished Persephone, Herakles and Hera had mended their anger.


But he wept at Athena’s loneliness, Artamis and Aphrodite’s enslavement. Had Zeus been free those who would harm his children would have paid a heavy price…of course had he been free Zeus may not have even noticed their suffering.

Centuries passed. Then Eons. Zeus watched the Earth again, interested in the mortals and immortals that walked the realms of his one-time home. It got to the point he barely noticed the pain of torment. Indeed he had long since given up the pretense of suffering, he just accepted it all and his tormentors had grown weary, leaving him chained to the rock in solitude.


Then one day a light appeared in Tartarus…like a fallen star. It grew brighter and the demons that had overrun the prison of the Gods, at first circling towards it in curiosity, began retreating from the brilliance. A roar of triumph erupted and the chains were broken.


Zeus was free and the Titans that had tortured him took refuge in caves and prayed he’d ignore them. Their prayers were answered as the Once and Future King of Olympus laughed with glee and opened a portal to his homeland. His family had returned and he was going home.



Personality/Motivation: Zeus’s swagger has returned. Although the Gods were famous for their heightened passions and arrogance, time has brought maturity of sorts to even the most arrogant. Zeus spent much of his life in introspective meditation and watching his extended family and the world he once ruled. He has forgiven many slights and learned to see the other Olympians as his family rather than his property.


The God of the Skies is now a master of perseverance and patience. He won't hesitate to act, but he thinks things through a lot more now. For years after their return, Zeus literally flitted about like a dog whose family has been gone for the summer. He is proud of his family and fiercely protective of them - whereas before he protected his "turf."


His wisdom was gained the hard way. Free once again to do as he pleases, Zeus relishes life and while seemingly falling back into drunken debauchery at times he is far more likely to empathize with others around him.


He loves Hera but his wandering ways haven’t completely abandoned him. He has curbed his own jealousies a great deal and has a much better relationship with the extended family he loves. The pecking order has been reestablished and the others generally follow his lead.


Zeus is a gregarious and sensual being whose passions still burn strongly. He won’t turn a mortal to dust for daring to insult him, but he will rearrange a city if they attack his family or his followers.


The modern era is fascinating and troubling to him. Zeus keeps tabs on the other pantheons as well seeking to gauge their influence in the modern world and where he might benefit from this.



Powers/Tactics: A sky god, Zeus has tremendous control over weather. He is also a physical juggernaut – and exceedingly difficult to harm, pain means little to him these days. He is a skilled warrior, orator, and King. He’s a master shape shifter and has developed his vast psionic potential specializing in sensory and communication abilities. Zeus can take on the mightiest beings in a fair fight and most super teams are but gnats to him.



Campaign Use: The Olympians are by and large too powerful for most beginning heroes to deal with, and they shouldn’t ride to the rescue and overshadow heroes. But they are there for color and hero/villain origins. Zeus is still something of a skirt chaser but he also acts as a patron to heroes.


He doesn’t usually hunt heroes but if he does he’d probably send progressively stronger minions until his anger could be contained no longer. At that point hero is punished.



Appearance: Zeus is a tall, handsome man with a lean, powerful physique. He has gold eyes, red hair and beard that is streaked with white. He appears clean, neatly attired for the occasion, and almost always smiling.


When in Olympia or letting people know who exactly they’re messing with he wears a golden breast plate with a lion device on the chest, a white skirt, gold sandals, armbands, bracers, and belt, and finally tops it off with a short, purple cape. His thunderbolts are in a quiver on his belt.

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These are great write-ups for the Olympians! I am planning to use them for an upcoming session for my Champions campaign.


Enforcer84, do you have Hero Designer files on these characters you'd be willing to share? If not, no worries. I'll just copy and paste the write-ups you've provided.

I believe I do. 

Let me get around to posting them :) 

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