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Re: Or Else a Neat Source of Ideas


Sounds like another riff on the Bureau 13 concept. (The Tri-Tac rules system is night-unfathomable' date=' but their settings are usually extremely cool!)[/quote']


Really? What's so complicated - I shoot him in the eye - The bullet does one point getting through the eyelid, 1 for the eye, 2 for the bone behind the eye, 5 for the brain, 3 for the bone at the back of the head, 1 for the skin and 1 for the hair, so it does 14 points going through your head and has whatevers left for the guy behind you...There: completely fathomable and not at all overly complicated :) Ok maybe a little overly complicated, is it wrong that right now the thing foremost on my mind is trying to remember where my copy is so I can confirm I got the numbers for an eye shot right?

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