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New Product: Elfs [rpg]

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From master game designer Ron Edwards:


"Basically, elfs are scum. They are not ethereal and wise; they are dim-witted, opportunistic little bastards. Their demeanor is that of a 13-year old powergaming munchkin: Kill, loot, party. Repeat. When not in the throes of one of their mental handicaps, elfs run across the world, hacking and slaying for fun and profit. You play one of these losers and try to get your grubby little hands on as much loot as elfinly possible, preferably while hosing your buddies."


- Ron Edwards


"Suffice to say that our elfs made some extremely dubious moral choices, and came out smelling like roses. Afterwards, my players spent a while congratulating themselves on how smart they were, so I would also rate this part as a success."


- 'Powergamer,' RPG.net review


This product is available in the Hero Games store here.

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