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New Product: Sorcerer [rpg]

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From master game designer Ron Edwards:


"Magic in most modern fantasy fiction has become too nice. That's right: too nice. Wizards are sad-eyed fellows who say cryptic things . . . or they're Just Folks who raise cats or struggle for social reform. What has happened to Maleficent, to Elric, or to those wonderful fellows in black robes who wielded curved daggers and swore by Set? Whatever happened to the sorcerer as cosmic outlaw?"


"The one element missing is the classical sorcerer who, by himself or herself, wields NO magic: no spells, no powers, no senses. He or she just knows how to call up demons (whatever THEY are) and how to bind them. That's all. In this game, "magic" is a load of hogwash: fantasy, frippery, and swindling. But you play a person -- a normal person -- who knows how to summon and bind beings of horror and madness for personal purposes. The question is: can you handle it?"


Available from the Hero Store here.

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