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Steampunk - Source Material

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Re: Steampunk - Source Material


Alright... I managed to get near a project, and since it involves a convention that means I may get sucked into said project.


I need any and all source material you consider "Steampunk"




-Movies (including Anime)

-Music (no, really, whatever you listen to to get 'into the Steampunk mood')



-Video Games

-Any other medium I forgot


I have a really long list already (actually, I have a really long literary list since that's usually my main focus and a moderate Other Media list), and I have a slightly narrowed definition of what I consider Steampunk and the purpose here is to get the whole range on the topic (as some will shuffle Steampunk all the way up to HP Lovercraft), go through it, and start identifying sub-genre, tropes, aspects, and etcetera, blah, et al., so on, such and such.


Dystopian, Utopian, and in between. I need everything you would dump into the Steampunk Bucket. I don't need what you consider Steampunk - I need what Source Material you consider Steampunk

I just read "Society of steam" part 2 and it is steampunk supers.....

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Re: Steampunk - Source Material


Another Anime is Valkyria Chronicles. It hasn't released in the States but what I've seen of it is pretty good.


There is a Manga as well but I haven't seen that yet.

Has anyone mentioned Adventures of Brisco County JR???

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I can't believe how huge Steampunk has gotten in recent years.


All those goths and cosplayers who discovered it and are now modding Nerf guns into steampunk weapons....


They got my wife into now too. She always did love to play dress up. Victorian fashion isn't really to my taste, but I'll play along. I miss the goth days...

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And the new Dracula series on NBC has elements of Steampunk. I was surprised. The show wasn't too shabby. Pretty solid for a 1st episode (other than the music. It had issues) and it looks like they have a decently complex and dark plot brewing so I'm going to check out this first season to see where it goes.

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