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Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


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Greetings Programs, I was interested in learning what you thought of Kingdom of Champions and the idea of Kingdom of Champions for 6th Edition? Either as a Sourcebook or Allies & Enemies book. Hard Copy or PDF?



Kingdom of Champions



Kingdom of Champions Errata



Golden Heroes



Squadron UK



Kingdom of Champions expanded character sheets.



My UK hero project



Camelot 3000







British Comic Resources:

Excalibur (comics)



UK Superheroes - International Superheroes



Invaders (comics)



MI 13 (comics)



Brit (comics)



Project Superpowers (comics)



British - Marvel Comics Database



British - DC Comics Database








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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


Steve Long and Darren Watts have repeatedly mentioned that they want and intend to publish an updated Kingdom Of Champions sourcebook. They've been held back to date by being unable to find a writer with sufficient knowledge both of the United Kingdom and of the current HERO System rules -- at least, one they could afford to hire. ;)


As the original sourcebook demonstrated, the UK holds tremendous gaming potential and is very worthy of its own book. I definitely think it should be hardcopy; interest among Champsfiles has been frequently and vocally expressed, enough to justify a deadtree version IMHO.


I did notice in references to CU England in Champions Universe a number of characters and groups from the original KOC. Also, the online "Champions Universe Database" posted on this website makes mention of Lyonesse. It's nice to know that some of those classics have been carried forward into the new incarnation of the universe.

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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


I have the current Kingdom of Champions. I would probably buy the new one in hardback form. If offered only in PDF - doubtful. In order to port it around, I'd have to buy a laptop and lug that around - Unless Kindle could handle it. Then it would be ..... maaaaaybe. Kindle is nagging at my brain and things like that could tilt the balance.

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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


I don't know what's so hard about writing it, either.


"England is an island, but not like the island where my Uncle Bob says the fish are always biting, which is good, because it's far away, and if me and my brother and my cousins and Uncle Bob went there fishing in a boat, there wouldn't be room for all the comics we'd have to take for that long!:nonp:

It has a Queen, and she says "off with your heads," and everybody has to do what she says. Her name is Tony. Or maybe Maggie, Gordon or Elizabeth, which are all English names! [Need more research!]

English people live in a castle called London, and have Lancasters, whcih they use to blow up dams, and possibly also Irish. [More research!]

England's main industries are Marmite and marmalade, which are supposed to taste good, but really don't, but I always ask for more when the English exchange student, Megan, offers me some, and then I have to eat more. That doesn't make sense, but my brother says I'll understand when I'm older.

Also, kippers. They come in cans, but they're poems that you think about when you're sitting under a tree with some girl,* and then I think about Marimte.

Sorry about the typo, I was crossing my legs, because sometimes when I put a book on my lap when I think about Marmite, it falls off and everyone laughs at me because

I'd delete that, but then this would be too short.

Sometimes English people wear kilts and stockings, but then they're called Scots, because whiskey. Step 5, Profit!

I bet I made milk come out your nose.

Sometimes when people wear kilts and stockings, I like it. Like Cateran. Sometimes I don't, like Mike Myers. That's why Mike Myers shouldn't be Cateran in Champions: The Movie. Even though he'd like to be. Nancy Travis should be, instead. (She's that girl in So I Married An Axe Murderer.)

In conclusion, when you think about England, think about Marmite and stuff. But not in public."


See? Now all I need is for someone to explain the Speed rules to me so I can start working on Captain Britain!



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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


The first one was decent, but it felt more like I was looking up Great Britain in an encyclopedia than a gaming book. So...a redone one would need to focus a bit more on elements of Britain that might be useful in a gaming sense. Large portions of the original book I just saw no reason to have.

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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


Perhaps Phil Masters and/or Rob Bell figured that with the majority target audience being Americans, it would be useful to include enough local color that the GM could really give the players the sense they were in another country. With so much information readily available on the Internet nowadays, the necessity or desirability of such a tack is probably much less.


I must say I rather enjoyed most of the fluff, but I like reading encyclopedias, too. :P

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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


I am running a campaign in Great Britain and the campaign city is Oxford. It is near where some of us live and I am incorporating local places into the game. The first meeting was in a community center up the road from the where the game is run (and the wife is on the committee so had lots of background on the area). The first combat was in a factory in a known science park (VIPER on a recruit the locals with super powers) and the second was at a local farm park (a bomb appeared in the goats enclosure, but there was a few thousand people attending an open day as well!). I am swapping a lot of the US over to the UK (Half Jack is from Liverpool and the Champions are based in London not Oxford as its not that big compared to most cities).


Any update on this new version of Kingdom of Champions?


Can anyone recommend any other source books?


I have the 6th Champions Universe which gives a little information but I am looking for more.




(Sorry if I have missed other recent threads with this information in)

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Re: Kingdom of Champions 6th Edition?


I'm afraid the information in Champions Universe is just about everything about the United Kingdom for Champions available in 6E (or 5E for that matter). From comments I've read by Steve Long and Darren Watts in the past, the fact that Hero Games has always wanted to do a dedicated UK sourcebook has led them to pass on including material for it in other books where it might have tied in, e.g. Champions Worldwide.


If you would prefer to hear where things stand on this from the horse's mouth, I would suggest posting your question to the Company Questions sub-forum. Steve or Darren are more likely to see it there. I would just caution that you not take whatever answer they give as set in stone (a point they themselves often reiterate). I've seen several books announced for future publication that they eventually set aside for various reasons, and others they described as unlikely to publish that eventually appeared on the schedule.

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