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Secret Master

New Product: Dubious Shards [Lovecraftiana]

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He has exposed The Cainite Heresy, and dug up the Secrets of the Ruined Temple. He has broadcast the Suppressed Transmissions, and ventured through Infinite Worlds. Now, horror heresiarch Kenneth Hite, the author of GURPS Horror and Nightmares of Mine, assembles the Dubious Shards of the Cthulhu Mythos!


Among the blasphemous contents herein:


* An examination of the Cthulhu Mythos, and how to discover it for games and storytelling. In-depth explorations of Dagon, Irem, Dunwich, and other Lovecraftian topics.

* Critical essays on the politics of horror fiction, and why John Wayne would have played Call of Cthulhu.

* A never-before seen original Delta Green scenario of paranoia and surveillance.

* And a glimpse at the fearsome Tarot of Cthulhu!


WARNING: This book contains Dizzying Speculation, Eldritch Hints, and Maniacal Ravings. Not for the neurasthenic or phthisickal.


Dubious Shards is available from the Hero Store here.

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Re: New Product: Dubious Shards [Lovecraftiana]


Yay! A product news item with a link to the actual product rather than the store in general. That deserves some accessability rep just there.

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