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Hero Designer version 2 Public Testing now open!


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HDv2 is now beginning its public test phase!


Here's the deal:


If you have a full (purchased) copy of HDv1, you can upgrade it to v2. The upgraded version will be fully functional. The only limitation will be that you must be online whenever you start it up so that it can check its version against the test server. Anytime I change the version, you will need to pull down the new update before you can start up again. Beyond that, it will be a fully functioning copy of v2.


If you do not have a full copy of HDv1, you can still try things out with the new demo version that is up there. The demo version is a bit limited in its abilities: you cannot open files, save files, or export/print files. Everything else in the app is fully functional, however, so you will be able to see how the program works and what it can do.


The main point in all of this is to get as many eyes on the software as possible for the next few months (before it goes on sale).


If you're interested, the Hero Designer site (http://www.herodesigner.com) is now taking open registrations. Just head on over and click on the "Register" link.



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