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Fortune favours the brave

Sean Waters

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Re: Fortune favours the brave


You might be able to emulate that with Overall Skill levels built with charges and other appropriate 'Faith Based' limitations. Overall skill levels can add to pretty much any roll you might want to make - including damage' date=' and the 'charges' limitation removes them from circulation once used, until the next day/scene.[/quote']


I like it but the number of points is "fixed" so you know before hand how many points you get to add, subtract and becomes totally player controlled, mabie an activation with the number of levels = to the amount you make your roll by.


But then again it is very cumbersome. And you risk geting no points. However it does cost double, 10 points per instead of 5. So I do get your concern where it affects cost effectiveness.


For my campaign it is balance and well costed, i think, but doing the math I can agree with your point of view.


BTW has anything changed with luck in 6e? Might make most of our conversation moot.

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