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Just for Laughs: Joe Tyler

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This is the male lead from the movie: Serving Sara, Joe Tyler played by Matthew Perry. I liked the film so naturally it was a bomb.

Joe Tyler




Val Char Cost
11 STR 1
13 DEX 9
13 CON 6
10 BODY 0
15 INT 5
11 EGO 2
13 PRE 3
14 COM 2
4 PD 2
3 ED 0
3 SPD 7
7 REC 4
30 END 2
26 STUN 3
6" RUN02" SWIM02" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 46




Cost Skill
3 KS: Criminal Law (INT-based) 12-
2 KS: Divorce Law 11-
3 KS: Wine Making (INT-based) 12-
2 AK: New York 11-
3 Persuasion 12-
2 PS: Lawyer 11-
3 PS: Process Server 12-
1 PS: Wine Maker 8-
3 Streetwise 12-
Skills Cost: 22


Cost Perk
4 Contact: Police Evidence Clerk (11-) (Contact has: useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact)
Perks Cost: 4




Total Character Cost: 72


Val Disadvantages
0 Normal Characteristic Maxima: No Age Restriction
15 Psychological Limitation: Cynical and Self Centered, Common, Strong
10 Psychological Limitation: Irrational Attraction to insulting dangerous people, Uncommon, Strong
5 Reputation: Double Taker (at the End of the film), Frequently (11-), Known Only To A Small Group
5 Rivalry: Tony, Professional, Rival is As Powerful, Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival, Rival Aware of Rivalry

Disadvantage Points: 35


Base Points: 25

Experience Required: 12

Total Experience Available: 0

Experience Unspent: 0

Background: Joe Tyler was an up and coming defense attourney who looked like he had it made. He had money, clout, a beautiful fiancee, a nice house, and a sterling reputation. Then one day; he realized he was just busting his butt so that criminals could avoid the consequences of their actions. He gave it up and lost everything.

Alone and destitute he becomes a process server. Although quite good at his job, he maintains dreams of moving to Napa Valley and owning a vinyard.

One of his jobs turns out to be serving divorce papers to a wealthy socialite. Much hoopla insues.

Personality: Joe is an intelligent, cynical, acid tongued man who pretty much hates his lot in life. He has been burned and therefore no longer wants to have anything to do with people save what he can get from them. While not a fighter, he's a horrible diplomat as he has an irrational attraction to insulting those who threaten him.

Quote: "Thanks for the prediction, Nostra-Dumb-Ass."

Appearance: Tall, a little unkempt, wears black. He has brown hair and a five o'clock shadow most of the film.

Moderately handsome. Can be charming.

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