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"Super" Doctor skill set

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Hi all,


I've done a few searches through the forums and haven't found anything useful, so I'm taking the risk of starting a new thread. I'm building a character whose powers center around the healing arts. I am not so concerned about building the powers, but I'm wondering what a good skill set would be to complement those powers. He is definitely a trained MD.


There would be plenty of science skills (biology, chemistry, etc.), Paramedics...and that's about where I fall short. He's gonna have training on working with supers as well as normals, but beyond that I'm not quite sure what to do. Any thoughts are appreciated.





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Re: "Super" Doctor skill set


Some mundane items:

Perk: Fringe: Medical Licence (possibly validation in Several countires)

Prof Skill MD

Knowledge skill: Superheros

Knowlege Skill: Aliens ??? depending on the campaign

Knowledge Skill: Unusual Injuries

Knowledge Skill: exoic diseases

Knowledge skill: most recent medical research


Equipment: Some kind of long range radio reception to find where needed

Some form of rapid transport

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Re: "Super" Doctor skill set


The biology science subfields (microbiology, genetics, physiology, zoology, virology, evolutionary biology, virology, evolutionary biology, medicine...) would all have application. If you have ultimate skill, everything in the biology and health sciences tab would be good (plus some social sciences, physics, psychology, etc). Xeno-biology for aliens is good... some sort of 'mutational genetics' or 'bio-energy sciences' would be good for other super heros... cybernetics perhaps? Depends alot on the 'meta-origin story' of most Supers in your world.


There is a system in Ultimate Skill that lets you use one science (lets say Biology) as a closely related field (Microbiology) at a small penalty... if the GM is amicable to 'the master of all medical sciences', talk to them about buying Penalty Skill Levels to offset this and then just buy a few 'base' sciences high... Biology and Health Sciences.


Or, see about a VPP: 'Health Related Skills Only'... would allow you to recall information with a second of thought about any small subfield.

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Re: "Super" Doctor skill set


In addition to the ones already mentioned, I would also consider the science skills: Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry, Poisons, Neurology, Endocrinology, and Anatomy, as well as the PS: Surgeon.


To get through all the schooling needed to cover the vast list of skills, Speed Reading and/or Eidetic Memory might be nice. You might also consider buying levels with Science Skills since you will have so many. This could be either due to innate ability or perhaps a high-tech PDA focus that contained or could access various medical encyclopedias.


Since doctors are very busy, you might also consider some LS: Sleeps only 20hrs/wk (or less) for 1 point, either because he is used to it or because his healing powers "heal" him of fatigue. If you go the latter route, consider whether he can heal fatigue in others too by purchasing his LS Useable vs. Others.

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