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Steve Long

List Your CO Heroes!

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Dr. Device are you sure that the device was the Elder Worm Humidity Dome? It never did that for me...




But it only does it when your endurance is at (I believe) 80% of maximum or higher. For that character, I have one build with a ton of REC equipment, and no END. That keeps his equilibrium high enough that the effect stays on by default.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


My heroes in CO? Well, I've got a zillion alts because I like fooling around with different aspects of the game. But, for the most part, I'm usually online as one of the following (all at Level 40):


Quasar -- My CO version of the PnP player character I ran in the Protectors campaign. Appeared in To Serve and Protect waaaaay back in the dark ages.


Lightning Bug -- A cute little Electrical character that does amazing area effect damage. She's awesome for clearing out big gatherings of minions when farming perks or resources.


Mrs. Destroyer -- My current favorite. She's the spurned lover (stalker?) of Doctor Destroyer who stole a set of his Power Armor and fights crime out of spite for him. Very, very, very powerful DPS character (tops the holiday event charts regularly).


Monster Man -- My Might tank that I created for duo teaming with my daughter (a glass cannon Archer). I think he's up to about 60 different costumes now, all variations of famous movie monsters, personal nightmares, or twisted versions of recognizeable Champions celebrities.


I've been dinking around with leveling a Healer named Mercy, but keep giving up because it's soooooo slooooooooow. Perhaps someday.


I also tried my hand at leveling up a character entirely through PvP instead of world missions. He's Wildcard, and I think I've made it to 24 before kind of fizzling out. I'm just not that "twitchy" of a player to keep it up.


Throw in about 10 other various alts in their teens and twenties just for the heck of it. (Hmm. Now that I think about it, I kinda liked my Supernatural magic-wielding monkey named Mojo; I may have to pull him out again.)

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Doc Quantum(40) My Avatar. "Roman Drake was a science prodigy who seemed destined to spend his life in a lab. Then puberty hit and he discovered girls and extreme sports. His methods might not be very conventional , but they're a lot more fun and there's no denying the results. Drake, now known as Doc Quantum thanks to the media, was in Millenium City to present a paper on zero point energy when the big bugs invaded. Donning his new exo-suit, Doc went out for some field testing."


Disco Inferno(40) "Quote: "So many cliched pick-up lines, so little time."

Rick Stone was a rising star in the disco scene in 1975. No one could match his groovy moves and the ladies couldn't resist his handsome face and devilish grin. Rick disappeared one night and no one knows where he went. One persistent story says that one night he boasted that he could out-hustle Satan himself and the devil took him up on the challenge. Rick, so the story goes, bet his soul against the Devil's flame powers in the ultimate dance-off. Some say the story ended with the Devil claiming Rick's soul but others say Rick won hands-down. But the devil, so to speak, is in the details. In that ending, the devil gave Rick powers but sent Rick to the future where disco was dead. ;)"


Magenta(36)"Gabrielle Sinclair's parents wanted her to have a normal life with normal problems. So they never told her about her granfather's work as a spy and saboteur against the Nazis in WWII. Or her great-grandfather's battles against an occult conspiracy spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa. Or her great-great-grandmother's work infiltrating terrorist cells in the post-Civil War United States. You get the idea. They also didn't tell her that her ancestors were so successful because of their preternatural gifts: their "edge", if you will.


The fact that Gabrielle's eyes burned with the same intensity as her forebears only increased her parents fears that she would "run off on some fool crusade". In spite of their best efforts, Gabrielle stumbled across some of her grandfather's journals. These led her to other journals kept by her ancestors. She learned a great deal about life and evil in the world and how to fight it with her own "edge".


Now she's happy to continue the family tradition."


Shadowhunter(25) "Ben Klein spent his life in Phoenix, AZ until his father got a great job opportunity in MC. This meant moving during the summer before Ben started high school.

He liked MC, but missed living out in the country. He got his Law Enforcement degree and intended to become a Federal Marshall. A distant cousin left him a house and a lot of money in New Orleans so he went to check it out. A run-in with a nomadic biker gang of werewolves left him infected with lycanthropy but didn't rob him of his self-control. Newly-augmented senses enabled him to discover a hidden room in the house where he learned that some of his ancestors had trafficked with the powers of darkness and committed acts of great evil against humanity.

Ben decided to turn his mystic heritage to fight against the dark and hunt the evil that hides in the shadows."


Silk Tiger (14) "Sharon Wing adored her family's traditional stories of the Storm Wardens and their defense of the Jade Empire from demonic incursions but thought they were just a way of teaching manners and good behavior to children. True, she possessed a phenomenal natural talent for the martial arts but that didn't make the stories real, did it?


Then came the night when invaders from another world attacked her new home, Millenium City. As she meditated to calm herself, she heard her late grandfather's voice call out to her. "The Storm Wardens are needed again, child. " Opening her eyes, Sharon saw a man standing before her surrounded by light. She recognized him from a picture taken of her grandfather when he was a young man. "These swords are called Lightning and Snow", he said, producing them from his robe and placing them in front of her. He caressed her cheek and said, "The blessings and knowledge of our family are now yours. Rise up and claim your place as the new Lady Silk Tiger!" With those words, he vanished.


An instant later, Sharon's mind was bombarded with secrets and lore she never imagined existed. She knew what she was meant to do. Taking hold of Lightning and Snow, Sharon transformed into Silk Tiger and charged into battle!"


Lux(8) No backstory yet.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


I've added:


Mister Midnight, Unleashed. Freeform Dual Blades. level 20ish.




This is probably my favorite costume, just haven't settled on an archetype I like for him. I may pick up one of the martial arts archetypes if I don't like Unleashed, but I may wait to see if they release a brawler. I'd really like to go with Savage, but the attack animations don't match the concept.


Arrow Guy, Marksman Freeform Archer, level 20ish.




I'm kind of liking Arrow Guy. I've decided that he got the name when his super group had their first press conference, and he wise-cracked, "I'm the arrow guy, ......" but never got to say his actual code name because of an interruption.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Ok so here's the list

Avenger 40

Powerfist 40

Tyr-el 40

High Tech 40

Ghost Knight 40

Guardian Angel 40

Mach One 40

Night Archer 40

Wraith 40

Graviton 36

Phire Bird 34

Photon 25

Liberty Bell 23

Sandstorm 20

Spirit 20

Leprechaun 18

Shakedown 17

Wind Walker 17

Patriot 16

Justice 16

Legion 15

Vortex 13

Insight 12

Saber 12

Chameleon 12

Puck 11

Electra 11

Zoro 2020 11

Rampage 11

Agent 10

Emerald 9

Brightstar 7

Nightshaid 7

Chronos 6

Nite Hawk 1

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Updated list for me of Silver ATs, not including old gold characters:


Psi Temptress (Mind, 40)

Crimson Temptress (Cursed, 40)

Frozen Shade (Glacier, 40)

Cyber Hawk (Mountain, 40)

Disposable Boy (Master, 40)

Patient Karma (Grimoire, 36)

Jade Shade (Unleashed, 28)

Dough Boy (Devastator, 15)

LoopyBot (Inventor, 14)

Heavy Breath (Behemoth, 13)

Wisp (Mind, 13)

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Current ones:


Thundrax (brick/electrical) L40

Cord (electrical/brick) L40

Kann Karoth (Star*Guard recruit, TK blades/Gadgeteering, L40)

Gravitas (Force, L40)

Zorasto (Villain, Fire/Darkness, L40)

Chaplain America (Speedster, L21)

Kumiko Rimi (Martial Artist, L17)

Billy Deighton (Martial Arts/Munitions, L11)

Sandpiper (Munitions L6)

Grim Resolve (Munitions/Gadgeteering L6)

Sandpiper (Munitions, L6)

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Here is an updated list of characters:


Adamina Lilim (Martial Arts - Duel Blades/Mystic - Infernal) L32

Agent Sawyer (Munitions/Martial Arts - Unarmed) (Bio) L22

Apollyon (Mystic - Infernal/Mentalist - Telepathic) L11

Discordia (Mystic) (Bio) L13

Eight (Mentalist - Telekinesis/Martial Arts - Unarmed) L40

Flash Fire (Energy Projection - Fire) L7

Kadmon (Brick - Heavy Weapons/Mystic) (Bio) L14

Lady Night (Mystic - Darkness/Mentalist) (Bio) L34

Pariah (Martial Arts - Energy Projection/Brick - Earth) (Bio)

Snow Arrow (Energy Projection - Archery/Martial Arts - Unarmed) (Bio) L6

Tangent Velocity (Energy Projection - Force) L16

Them (Mystic) (Bio) L28

Vigilant (Martial Arts - Unarmed) L14

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Added a couple more to the roster:


Gigawatt, Electric DPS and Electric Guitar.




Geist, Dual Pistol high tech agent type. Rebuild of old character that I had lost costume pieces for. Slightly different look, but OK. Her armor isn't power armor, but a high tech NBC-capable armor with sensor helmets that also allows her to go into Ghost Mode (represented by teleport) to penetrate even the toughest of defenses to reach her target.



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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


How are people doing these pictures? Just Paint?


One way would be to screenshot, paste into Paint or Picasa to edit, then upload to Picasa/Photobucket/Flicker/etc.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


  1. I take a screenshot from the character selection page. (It doesn't capture anything but the character and the background.)
  2. I open it in Paint (Win 7 version).
  3. Click on the Select tool.
  4. Selectify it.
  5. Click the Crop button to the right of the Select tool in the ribbon menu thingie.
  6. Save As from the File menu.
  7. Pick .JPG off the list. Save it to my Desktop so I can find it fast.
  8. Use the Insert Image button from the forum menu.
  9. Make sure the dialog that pops up on the From Computer tab.
  10. Click Select Files at the bottom of that dialog.
  11. Upload that sucker.


You can also do the screenshot from the Tailor screen, and get something like this:




There's also a green screen room that you can use for screenshots located in the Power House. It's probably most useful if you plan to paste the character into another background.


If you want the full size pic in the thread, you can upload it to a picture/file sharing site and use the HTML option when you put in the picture. De-select the option to retrieve file and upload it locally. I can't figure a way to make the uploaded pics appear full sized in the thread.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


It has to do with the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally". Once you do that' date=' the board uses the smaller image.[/quote']


Of course, you could do this (link to a file you already uploaded on the board using the URL option and unchecking the retrieve file option):




Which is kind of silly, b/c you'd have to upload it somewhere on the Hero site to start with. =P


It does avoid the need to deal with a file sharing site, though.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


Rebecca Winters --freeform (Sorceress)


Mark Winters --freeform (Inventor / Power Armor)



Becky and her younger brother were practically raised by their grandmother as their father passed shortly before Mark was born and their mother retreated into a deep state of depression from which she still hasn't recovered. Still, they were heirs to the famed Winterstar Estate and were therefore held to the highest of standards by their grandmother, world class tutors were flown in from the far reaches to teach them in subjects as far ranging as high fianance to mystical trances. Still, the lessions which the children most looked forward to were the ones which Grandmama taught personally; to harness and weild the mystical energies flowing through their very lifeblood. Looking back, that is where the rift between the children first began, as the mystic arts came easily to Becky whereas Mark was far better suited to the laws of science.



One fateful night as Becky came of age she was kidnapped by an acient cabal of worlocks who needed her blood for a ritual which they hoped would return their entire race from the state of half-life they were cursed with. Niether sibling will speak of the events that night, but Mark was able disrupt the ritual and rescue his sister slightly too late, for she had already gazed deep into the abyss, and the abyss had gazed deeply into her soul. The next time Rebecca Winters was seen in public some six months later she shocked the room into silence with her cybernetic eye and leg. Both Winters has started down the path of the hero, Mark in order to ease the guilt he feels at not being able to fully save his sister, and Becky in hopes of saving her enternal soul from the damnation of the void.

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


My 40s at the moment:


Thundrax (Might/Electrical: traditional Canadian hero, long-time PC)

Cord (Electrical/Might: half-clone of Thundrax)

Kann Karoth (TK Blades: Star*Guard in training)

Gravitas (Force: snarky Brit gravitics researcher and battlesuit wearer)

Zorasto (Darkness/Fire: Villain, Demon Lord)

Red Ensign (Munitions/Martial Arts: character for WW2 RP)

The Laird (Single Blade: clan leader from a mythical version of Scotland)

Sandpiper (Munitions: UNTIL Internal Affairs officer)

Forceknight (Power Armor: teenage son of Forceknight III who stole his dad's armor)

Chaplain America (Martial Artist/quasi-speedster: Westside street preacher and mission worker)


The last four are recent: the Laird was done for the leveling contest, Sandpiper and Forceknight took advantage of the double XP weekend. I also have on deck:


Seger (L21 Might/Heavy Weapons: Arrogant and spoiled son of a deceased Swedish superhero)

Rimi Kumiko (L17 Night Warrior: Resuscitated pre-WW2 assassin).

NPC (L 21: Generic guy for RP purposes)

Alu (L17 Celestial: Exiled and terrified Solemnid coptain)

Grim Reckoning (L8 Munitions: Westside vigilnte)

The Angry Bird (L7 Claws: Thaar birdman of leisure removed from his nest)

Canadian Fist (L6 Might: slacker and stereotype, eh!)

Brent (L6, telejournalist created for a new RP SG.))

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Re: List Your CO Heroes!


I just started playing and have only one character out of the training mission.


Oklahoma Kid, LVL 11 Archer.


I created him as a throw away while learning the game but started liking him as a played and improved him. A subscription is out of means right now ; so, I am still stuck with the beginning generic archetypes.

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