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Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


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Re: Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


Twice? I remember Vulkanus and the Incursian commander saying it. Lots of other really violent threats threats though ;)


Of course, it's not that uncommon of a word for the show really. And they do have a surprising number of on screen deaths for a kids program.


Hmm. I'd swear it was more than that.


As a side note, I think Rath's bonus Presence to Intimidation should be called 'LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!'. :)

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Re: Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


Another little note on Rath: I massively undersold his leaping ability. He performs two standing leaps of around 120-150' each.


Standing leaps are of course HALF the characters total distance, so if I lowball things, he would need around 72m of Leaping. Or 36m if we assume he used NCM to jump up and give Jarret's face a hug, but that's questionable.


Ben has a Martial Arts package I'm working on rebuilding, which may make balancing some things a little tricky going forward. I may leave most of it as just an explaination for how he uses his CSL's, but some stuff (like his Martial Flash) can't be done without maneuvers/powers. Sure, he's not as proficient or as fancy as as Gwen, but he's deffintly got more than just a hand attack. He actually does flying kicks in various forms (Swampfire and Spidermonkey) and Rath actually does a jumping spin kick on Boid. So, still a bit torn on which maneuvers I'll give him. Probably going to stay away from ones that buff damage, but we'll see.


Oh, another random observation about Rath: I also noticed he doesn't use punches. Instead, he hits people with knifehand chops. Probably a combination nod to pro wrestling... and a good way to prevent him from stabbing everything in sight ;)


Also watched Primus tonight.


Lots of interesting reveals.


We got another appearance by Rath... sort of.


Wasn't overly fond of the the way Vilgax was portrayed.


And dear lord, Waybig is just ludicrously fricking strong :jawdrop:

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Re: Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


Not sure...



Ditto and Wildvine weren't mentioned in any of the other spoiler info I've read. Way Big is also drawn in his original series style, which seems odd to me. Having Alien X on the dial is a strange choice as well. So either the artist just picked some aliens for filler or Ben has a HUGE selection of forms this season.


I know the names of at least 4 or 5 of his Ben's new aliens. I say 4 or 5 because I'm not 100% sure if one of those names is actually an Omnitrix form or a new villian/NPC. But I can only take an educated guess as to who's who in the picture.


You'll also notice the Omnitrix looks different... good reason for that, which ties into the season finale.



Another thing to point out is that the comic is due out first week of April. Makes me wonder if the new series is launching that quickly.

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Re: Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


Some quick notes from Above and Beyond:


- Chamber of Echos is a really cool name for a power stunt, but I'm not sure if it actually needs a writeup. It's probably just a coordinated attack. Then again, with how much knockback the sonic scream does, maybe add in some kind of TK Grab or Entangle. Helen didn't (couldn't?) run away before sucumbing to the effect... I'll have watch again.


- Big Chill's "ice tendrils" were pretty cool. Thinking Indirect Blast or RKA.


- Hmmm... Humongosaur can survive in deep space for brief periods of time.


- It's official, Ben/Rath has galactic pro wrestling as a martial art! :P Might have to give him Clinging to represent how well he can climb and his ability to reduce knockback with his claws (though this could just be a special effect of STR or Breakfall). Definitely have to rewatch that scene.


- Goop needs an entangle/darkness/sight group flash type power. Don;t think he did anything else new...


- Saw some nice stuff from the Plumber's Helpers/Max Force, but where was Cooper!?!?! Looks like Max got his old rank back too. Probably should get around to writing them all up at some point...

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Re: Ben 10: Alien Force -Season 3 (6E)


Okay' date=' did things reverse? Did I see the last three eps, and everyone else missed them?[/quote']


I saw em all :)


Haven't had much of chance to work on anything though.


Plenty of interesting bits that need to be incorporated. Of course, going forward most things will end up in the new Ultimate Alien thread.

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