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Quote of the Week From My Life.

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13 minutes ago, Pariah said:

"The day you realize that sleep is a gift and not a punishment is the day you truly become an adult."

      What does it say about us that we’re writing these at 2am?

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My wife is doing a series at church on the founding of America, of course that means Pilgrims. As she's researching, she keeps finding new things related to what she's looking at and trying to figure

Last night my eldest (7) took all his remaining allowance and birthday money (~$40) and put it in an envelope to give to the church. He said, "The church needs it more than I do. It will help."   My

Student: "I notice that you've been getting more sassy with our class. Is that because you're starting to feel more comfortable with us, or because you're just getting tired of our bullcrap?"   Me:

3 hours ago, L. Marcus said:

You live in the wrong time zone. 

       I’ve lived in other time zones....it didn’t help.  Thanks for trying though, here’s your lovely parting gift.   A years supply of Turtle Wax!  Also a brand new turtle!     
      Now you don’t have to go on line late at night......You can just sit in the dark and wax your turtle.

Its quarter to six, things start to get a little stream of consciousness around now.

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