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Quote of the Week From My Life.

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First Day of Con

Person publicizing her game: It's an immersive experience!

Me: No thanks, I'd rather stay dry.


Second Day of Con

Me: Did you say your game was an immersive experience?

She: Yes.

Me: You didn't say a SUBmersive experience?

She: No....

Me: Oh, good. So it doesn't involve going under the water.


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary says I need more subversive experiences

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My wife is doing a series at church on the founding of America, of course that means Pilgrims. As she's researching, she keeps finding new things related to what she's looking at and trying to figure

Last night my eldest (7) took all his remaining allowance and birthday money (~$40) and put it in an envelope to give to the church. He said, "The church needs it more than I do. It will help."   My

Student: "I notice that you've been getting more sassy with our class. Is that because you're starting to feel more comfortable with us, or because you're just getting tired of our bullcrap?"   Me:

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Discussing my work schedule with a co-worker. It's total chaos this week; I've been given a LOT of leeway on how early to show up and how much overtime to put in. As a result, I'm kind of a wreck, and it's starting to show.


Co-worker: "How long are you staying on tonight?"


Myself: "Until I can't stand it any more, I guess."


Co-worker: "So... forever, then?"


Myself:  :nonp:  

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We went to the ball park Sunday and sat in really good seats, but under the sun, on Sunday. Daughter got her shoulders sunburned and started peeling yesterday, and was complaining at dinner last night.


Me: "Now you know that I think the expression 'painfully white' ought to mean."

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