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The Non Sequitor Thread

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I don't know what's funnier: the schmaltzy American patriotism at the end of the "Roughriders" video (dude, if listening to the a--h-le 7th Cavalry's official a--h--le song makes you proud of your country, I don't even


Or that Youtube autoplay links it to a dubbed Spanish version of the original made-for-TV movie. Hard to imagine anything Latinos would like better than a movie about American cowboys conquering Cuba!

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Dear Ms _______,


Yes, I agree that my not getting any lab write-ups from you this quarter is the reason you got a D in my class. After learning yesterday of a bit of catastrophic idiocy on the part of one of our contracted I.T. systems, I am willing to ransack my dwindling reserves of patience and admit that technical difficulties may have caused the lack of delivery, and so if you send me those write-up files as attachments by email, I will acknowledge them on arrival, grade them, and change your course grade.



Dr. Cancer


P.S.: Old colloquialisms seem to have been omitted from many young people's upbringing, so you might look up the expression "called your bluff" and see what it means. Just as a hint, it has nothing to do with cell phones or promontories.


P.P.S.: FYI: I have your lab partners' writeups, which include, of course, the raw data which all members of the partnership share. I mention this only to note that you are not really at liberty to make up results out of whole cloth, and that we both know it.

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