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Went to a baby shower this afternoon. There was a party game I hadn't encountered before, where they give you both parent' full names, and using that as the letters supply, come up with possible midd

The problem with serial killers is that they never start with themselves.

Dear Ms _______,   Yes, I agree that my not getting any lab write-ups from you this quarter is the reason you got a D in my class. After learning yesterday of a bit of catastrophic idiocy on the pa


You decide to lay a trap for the aliens.
You truck your wounded out to White Sands Missile Range.
You leave them amidst many large "FREE LUNCH" signs.
The aliens show up and start chowing down on your delicious wounded.
You then set off the 20-megaton bomb buried just under the sand there.



Subject: Simple if bizarre
Date: Tue, 9-Jul-85 11:23:31 EDT

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Somehow, you always know when your Game Master's "homebrew" campaign is really Middle-earth with the serial numbers filed off.


GM: You reach the town. For some strange reason it was built on top of the lake instead of on the shore. A guardsman, obviously an archer, walks over to you.


Player (in character): Let me guess. Your name is Bard, right?


GM: No, no, my name is BRAD. Bard isn't a name; it's the hair on your face!

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